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How Safe Is Your Ground Beef?


How Safe Is Your Ground Beef?

Andrea Rock

The American love affair with ground beef endures. We put it between buns. Tuck it inside burritos. Stir it into chili. Even as U.S. red meat consumption has dropped overall in recent years, we still bought 4.6 billion pounds of beef in grocery and big-box stores over the past year. And more of the beef we buy today is in the ground form—about 50 percent vs. 42 percent a decade ago. We like its convenience, and often its price.


The safety concern is real, but given beef's contribution to heart disease and added to all of the compromised safety measures Ms. Rock's article exposes; the sanest thing is to wean citizens from meat-eating, altogether.

Beyond the costs-savings, health benefits, and humane approach to our animal friends, it's important to point out that lots of deforestation is occurring to put animal feedlots in their place; and that animals like cows release a huge amount of methane. Taken together, the shift from a plant/carbohydrate to meat-based diet in much of the "developed" world is also a major player in atmospheric CO2 build-up, global warming, and climate chaos.


The people of the US should eat much less meat than they do for many reasons, but for those who will not go meatless, you should also be aware that how cattle is slaughtered also has an impact on the meat they produce.
Most cattle (even those which are grass fed and raised without harmful growth hormones or laced with antibiotics) are either strangled or electrocuted when they should have their throats slit and hung up to bleed out properly,
The lack of proper drainage in commercially slaughtered beef can be easily demonstrated by getting a package of ground beef (usually in a styrofoam tray and wrapped with clear plastic) and placing it on its side in the refrigerator for a few hours, When you come back you will notice a pool of red in the lower end of the package. That red is residual blood never properly drained from the animal. You will find this mess in all grades of beef slaughtered commercially.
If you live in Miami Beach, Brooklyn, or other places with significant Jewish communities you may be able to buy kosher meat, which besides not including pork products is also properly slaughtered and bled out. As it so happens, Muslim communities also eat properly slaughtered meats (they call theirs "halal") and they are much more widely dispersed throughout the country.
The next time you go to some Arabic sandwich shop, bakery, or store, ask the people there where you can buy Halal meats. They will gladly tell you and you will notice the difference eating it compared with the commercially slaughtered kind.


The liquid is red but it is NOT blood. It is a mixture of water and myoglobin - a protein found in muscle fibers responsible for giving meat its red color.


I'm glad I'm vegan and don't have to worry about how safe my meat is.


I live in a small town where about half, if not more, of the natives are fat to morbidly obese.
Before moving here, I was vegetarian. I lost weight and had clear skin, hiked regularly and looked awesome in my clothes.
After moving away from the big city, I picked up stress eating and a bad habit from my family of eating fast food. I stopped eating it for many reasons. The fast food joints which are all over my neighborhood don't train the staff proper food handling procedures. I have had people not wearing gloves handle the cash and my food, and witnessed them rubbing their nose, scratching their armpits, etc., before handling my food to where I have cancelled my orders because of this.
I have not eaten a hamburger for over a year. It is because of this: I ate one or two at Wendy's that a family member bought for us. Didn't like the taste of the meat. Then I tried Krystal. The meat tasted exactly the same. I thought Burger King with it's grilled flavor would taste better. Nope. Still the same. I figured that in this small town they might use the very same meat distributor.
I also take into consideration the hormones and bacteria that can be present in meat.
Now my weight is beginning to edge downward since I have begun cutting back on meat products, and I am forced to change my diet for serious health reasons. The stressful atmosphere and lack of education in the town I live in I think does contribute to the obesity I see around me.
Pardon me while I go get my dinner - all of this talk about food has given me SALAD cravings! yum


A couple of inconvenient facts that Consumers Reports left out:

  1. Fast Food has been caught repeatedly using fake meat products like "Pink Slime", Synthetic (fake) meat and meat waste products like ears and noses, spines etc. to fatten their profits. A meatworker told me that anything that falls on the floor gets scooped up with a dirty shovel and thrown into the grinder for ground beef. So you have been warned! Also the Big Ag industry used to make co

Synthetic (fake) meat in the center cooked up in a franken-petri dish and ripped out, is not the same thing as from an animal with a functional immune system and is risky. McDucks got fined millions for doing that, and I for one will never eat there again.

  1. Mon-Satan GMO feed with Franken-genes deemed by FDA unfit for human consumption were put in feed corn for cows and caused ailments and death in mice tested at high doses since the Bt bacterium gene in the Fraken-Corn is tricked-fucked into producing roundup-ready pesticide instead of it's natural bacterium output. This bt bacterium gene doesn't stop barfing pesticide after it is consumed which is why it was banned as human food in the late 1990's. (Source: Jeremy Rifkin, The Biotech Century)

Now FDA has been bribed into accepting Big AG/Chem tests who say it's safe, and synthetic meat and Franken-Corn is now finding it's way onto your dinner plate.


Go-Vegan or Semi-Vegan. A little chicken and fish is all you need. (unfortunately they fouled all the salt-water seafood with Fukushima and Deep-Water Horizon in the Gulf....) Also, chicken feed is GMO, so you're still phucked; a human guinea pig for Mon-Satan.

Got Cancer? Eat enough of this chit and you will. No wonder Big Processed Food/Chemical Companies fight tooth and nail not to label it honestly. No one in their right mind would put this unstable bio-trash in their mouths!

Wall Street is so dishonest anymore, that if you can't secure a "chain of custody" from the tree or bush to you mouth, you are gambling that a CEO hasn't fouled your food with dangerous profit-enhancing additives. Don't see worms anymore in those Apples? Don't eat them. If a worm can't survive eating that bt frankengene than the odds are neither can you for long.