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How San Diego Is a Petri Dish for the ALEC Agenda


How San Diego Is a Petri Dish for the ALEC Agenda

Brendan Fischer

This week, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) descends on San Diego, California for its annual meeting of lobbyists and legislators.

In many ways, San Diego is an appropriate setting for ALEC's conference. Beyond the walls of the Manchester Grand Hyatt, where ALEC members convene under heavy security and behind closed doors, the city known as "America's Finest" has been a major battleground in the corporate-backed resistance to local control over paid sick days and the minimum wage.


ALEC (Americans Lose Everything Conspiracy) needs to be continually outed in venues large and small. Its cancerous nature has metastasized throughout the country in a clever scheme of capturing state houses. Unfortunately, it is very effective as state representatives are typically not the sharpest knives in the drawer. Bring on the bright light of disinfectant!


The pro-corporate interests only win by using devious means.

If they can’t purchase the state rep or governor outright, they hit the media and always frame their message using lies, deception, and disinformation to confuse voters/citizens/consumers to the point where some vote against their own best interests.

Also, if TPP and TIPP come into use, this type of inversion of workers’ wages (and other protections) will become the new norm and impervious to any form of legal redress. THAT is why the new trade pacts are being written, funded, and passed behind absolutely closed doors.


Recall the “devious means” that Obama and Congress contrived last month to gain fast track authority (for TPP and TTIP and TISA) after it didn’t pass in the House of Representatives.


Be very concerned about these Corporate Thugs who are writing the agenda for the Republican Party for the 50 states. NOW, they are here in SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA to try to turn our state RED. “NO WAY, JOSÉ.” Remember ALEC and check to see which ones of our California Assembly Members attend this “secret no more” meeting. Then, vote against them for the good of California. Their agenda is always ANTI-ENVIRONMENT, ANTI-WORKER, ANTI-NEW DEAL, ANTI-WOMEN’S RIGHTS, PRO-WAR & PRO-GUN JUNK! CALIFORNIA is a PROGRESSIVE STATE that looks towards a BETTER FUTURE, NOT the FAILURES of the PAST.