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How SCOTUS Campaign Finance Rulings 'Distorted' US Democracy


How SCOTUS Campaign Finance Rulings 'Distorted' US Democracy

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With the pending confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch shaping up to be a referendum on the role of money in politics, a new study published on Tuesday highlights the actual impact of campaign finance rulings on the 2016 election.


Explanation of the essential lithium grease by which the current insertion of BS was propagated. By the person who best first aired the methodology - warning: profanity


The consitution was a product of the elite to protect the elite. Their biggest fear was government so they included the bill of rights and made sure they got a judicial system which would keep the government in line with the constitution that protected them. That they protected the little guy as well was incidental.

Once the elites seized control over government which was sometime in the 70's (mostly) they had no real need for constitutional protection since they controlled who sat on the courts and had control over law enforcement and security apparatus. The constitution and its bill of rights just got in the way of looting the little people and keeping them in line. They actually tried to scrap and replace the constitution in 1975 with a constitutional convention but failed. In any event they became the government they once feared, far worse than the King George III tyranny although it is cloaked in a flag and carrying a bible

The various state of emergencies and associated emergency powers and EO's allow their puppets to get elected more easily and operate w/o constitutional constraint, and the courts will back them up on the most important of cases since the judges are handpicked regardless of which party has power.

Its just the reality. Sure, we can still vote, but they can vote in Russia and Iran as well. Putin and the Supreme Ruler decide who may run for President (if not himself in Putins case since he cant stay in office more thsn 8 straight years). In our case the elites determine who run with financing and media control, and to a lesser but still significant extent in the Senate and House.

Right now people seem to be still struggling with their denial. Once you accept things for what they are it will be easier.


The only votes that count in Murka are the votes you cast in the marketplace.

Whenever you spend money you are voting in favor of the good/service/purveyor.

Elections have always been rigged and will continue to be for the forseeable future.

Justice in Murka boils down to how much justice you can afford.


Public financing of all federal elections. Even families making 200K a year are part of " the real left behind " in terms of " real politik " in actual representation. In a nutshell, capitalism is the game of Monopoly, writ large and in real legislative actions. When 6 people play the game and only 1 wins everything, but the 5 losers playing don't understand all the nuances of the wordsalad rules, why should they abide by the results? Only in games, I'd venture.
The 5 should take things into their own hands, take care of the first thief, the move onto fixing the source of the problem, once and for all. After that, throw the game of Monopoly into the dustbin of historically bad ideas and move on.


Pretty good analysis. Not sure what you mean by "Once you accept things for what they are it will be easier."


Nice analysis of the subject.

Too bad spending more money doesn't help. According to the opensecrets.org, cited by article, in the 2016 presidential campaign Hill spent $770million and Trump 400 million. We all know how that ended.


MSM build up of Trumpster and the fact he got 46% of the vote. You sound like Monopoly suits your worldview. Beware the Ides of Marches, coming soon.


Not sure you remember that far back, but the MSM wasn't very friendly to the Trump campaign.

Main point is, money had nothing to do with it. It was the flawed identity politics the Dems were pushing that cost them the Presidential election as well as the Congress. Better luck next time i guess, even tho looking at current events nobody learned anything from that fiasco.