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How Should America Respond When its President Commits Negligent Homicide?

At this point isn’t it really suicide? They all know.

A reasonable response - make him the first President impeached twice.


The people still alive and able to get out of bed should vote him out.

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He’s not a progressive. He regularly shills for neoliberals and all the faux progressive talking he does is purely posturing on his part.

Maybe you mean "he’s not a leftist." Shilling for neoliberals is standard “progressive” fare, it seems.

In Ibram Kendi’s framework, racism and anti-racism continuously progress side-by-side, throughout USA history. I suppose a “progressive” would be someone who sees more progress on the anti- racist side – a difficult to support interpretation of the available evidence, no?

For this reason, I’d be embarrassed to call myself “progressive.” Might as well profess my attachment to pleasantnessism. Enough of all this unpleasantness, I say!

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Check out Fox News’ complete spin on Woodward’s ‘revelations’ and imagine how much traction one or two quotes would have gotten months ago.(and access for more info would have been over) Whatever you think of Woodward’s reasoning it is very doubtful earlier reveals would have accomplished what you imagine. The %43 base is not affected by this ‘news’ (Trump is a sociopathic liar) and is holding firm with their alternative facts.

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I’d like him to be removed and imprisoned once…

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Fox News was going to put a spin on the information no matter when it came out, protecting the gop is their job. You have over estimated the size of Trumps base, it’s closer to 30%, but you are correct, nothing will sway them. This information would have been picked up by the other news organizations, and for the other 70% it would have mattered, especially those who identify as independents, and voted for Trump in 2016. I still believe lives could have been saved. Governors and Mayors would have been more diligent, and kept the “stay at home orders” in effect longer.

It is not that smart people do not want to solve this. It is that they are not allowed to become part of the cabal. Same with other lines of defense.

Yes it is true that "smart’ people do not want to or need to have power.

Even if you took money out of politics, (but not out of its control), they would still groom only those that are part of the cabal. Or in the case of the repugs, compromised. Better a stuck pig than a greased one. they all knew what Dennis Hastert was. That is why he was chosen/forced to do their water carrying.

Thank You ZED for the constant reminder that the dfgh is baked in.

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Hurting people … IS … the objective.

That, too!

I’m not sure why you equate me stating that smart people don’t want power to smart people don’t want to “solve” this.

And I’m not sure what “this” is? Corruption?

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And Biden completely supported Bush’s intentional homicide.

So, apparently the answer to the question " How Should America Respond When Its President Commits Negligent Homicide?" is that we should elect someone who prefers intentional homicide.

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I agree with you. Just a little more words. This, name it. Neither of us has the time to list all the issues over the last xxx years that need justice.
Again we agree, just wanted to clarify that it is not just a type, it is that the power structure wants to stay in power. something I agree you also know.

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Of course you may be right. I got the %43 from polls which as you say may not be the size of his base.

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My understanding, and it does fluctuate, that each party holds about 25-30% of the voters as their base, the rest are considered independents, that either party tries to sway to their side, and are needed to actually win an election.