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How Standing Rock Has Changed Us


How Standing Rock Has Changed Us

Sarah van Gelder

At the Oceti Sakowin camp there were celebrations into the night when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ decision was announced. Fireworks lit up the sky, which is normally dominated by police searchlights, and there were songs, prayers, and dance. And tears. The decision to halt work on the Dakota Access pipeline may be the victory that the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and thousands of water protectors were looking for.


I think a more accurate reading of the ripple would be Occupy > Bernie Sanders campaign > Standing Rock, with lots of tributaries branching off to fight injustices everywhere, BLM being but one.


I agree the BLM has too much power. Is the public was aware that each US citizen has a right to profits gleaned from public lands by International Corporations. Or do we have those said rights? In Alaska a mandate has provided the citizens of that state to receive royalties from the oil companies. One thing that history shows is that any improvements in standards of life for the worker is the result of organized efforts. It took the suffrage movement eight decades to accomplish the right to vote.


1) Black Lives Matter
2)Bureau of Land Management
I will hazard a guess that randlieb meant Black Lives Matter.


excellent, sarah van gelder! i offered a red :heart: with some reservation because of two sentests cited below

"On the heels of the announcement, Energy Transfer Partners issued a statement insisting that they will go ahead with the project. What that means is not yet clear, but whatever happens the events at Standing Rock have been transformative, and these victories are not ones that Energy Transfer Partners or even President-elect Trump can take away."

"Just last week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave the green light to the Kinder Morgan pipeline, and the presidency of Donald Trump could threaten everything we hold dear."

let's not imply that in the good old pre-trump days justice prevailed. if that were true, there'd been to water protector stand needed, right?

aside from that i thought you made some beautiful and valid points, sarah! when i saw the video of wesley clark jr. apologize for such a long list of government sponsored atrocities and then all bow before the elders, i felt the sting of tears in my eyes i had not known about those ministers who burned the doctrine of christian discovery and that, too, is a wonderful gesture. as van gelder implies, 'we have much to learn from these people who lived on this continent for thousands of years in harmony with Nature before the settlers arrived. among the abuses to the first peoples is the assumption that they must accept the christian doctrine, style of dress and such. each culture has something wonderful and unique to offer. even jesus pointed out that "the spirit of the law gives life; the letter of the law kills." the spirit of Love and appreciation of all the wonders around us should inspire us to be good custodians of our Mother Earth.

This time, non-Natives in large numbers stood with them and learned from them ways to live that are inclusive and collective.


well, the delays have been costly, haven't they? the big market investors are nervous and energy transfer partners have vowed to continue. regular people displaying more intelligence than the supreme nine have pointed out that if a corporation is really a person then we could send one to the gas chamber. and of course that cannot happen to a non-living entity created, like their speech, on paper. congress can issue some nuisance fines for which their staff lawyers will file delay after delay. for the corporate non-person these fines are just one of those unavoidable costs of doing business. anyway, they'll just pass the loss onto the consumer and/or tax payer. the weather is brutal in north dakota right now and i think that may work for us protectors to halt the work. however, as ms. van gelder pointed out there's a lot more fracking that needs our vigilance! right now, there are as many as 300 different fracking efforts going on across "america the beautiful?".


What a SOLID Start of Solidarity!


Mni Wiconi
Water is Life!
Corporations are Death.


After Trojan Horse Obama, let's take lionization (and publicity of) General's Son Clark Jr. with a grain of salt.