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How Stephen Colbert Blew It with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick


How Stephen Colbert Blew It with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

Steven Hill

Stephen, I realize it's only entertainment and that your job is to make people laugh. But when you bring on a very un-funny fellow like Travis Kalanick, it seems you and your production team should think a little more cleverly about how you put lipstick on that pig.

This is not at all a defense of Big Taxi, which in many cities has provided crappy service for years. Those who believe that ride-sharing companies like Lyft, Sidecar and even Uber have provided a badly needed alternative will get no argument from me.


Watched the clip...
May I die before the world of Travis Kalanick comes to pass.


i watched several episodes of the new Late Show with Stephen Colbert and I was disappointed (but not shocked) at how corporate friendly it has become.
A recend poll suggested that voters were conerned about the lack of empathy from our slate of politicans. The next thing I see is Joe Biden on the show displaying his "empathy" with personal anectodtes with regards to his family's tragedies in line with Colberts own family tragedies. Biden's corporate friendly policies were never mentioned and to an unsuspecting viewer, Biden came across as a typical, lovable grandfather figure who has devoted his life to the public interest. What a load of hooey!
Similarily Jeb Bush appeared on the show and also received a complete pass on his abysmal track record as if Colbert were making amends for his treatment of his brother George at the press party in D.C. around ten years ago when George Bush's lies were laid bare for all to see.
This may come as a surprise to Colbert fans, but Stephen has crossed the line to the dark side after CBS lured him away with incredible amounts of long term cash... in exchange for abandoning his anti-corporate message that he employed while working for one of the 'lesser' networks. Oh well. I guess we should at least be happy that Stephen didn't run for political office as a populist while secretly pledging his allegiance to the corporate state.


Maybe the (reportedly fake) Republican Steven Cobert persona has really taken over the Comedian Steven Cobert persona.
Invasion of the Persona Snatchers!
I guess the joke is now on us.


I'm so sorry to hear that Stephen wasn't able to hold on to his integrity whilst still pocketing vast wads of filthy lucre. It was always pretty unlikely but I had hoped that if anyone could have pulled it off, it was Colbert.


Not quite sure that I understand why there is any expectation at all that Colbert will always fight the good fight. Same with Jon Stewart. When it really comes down to it, does either person take fighting for truth, justice, and an equitable society seriously? My take on them is they both have fostered a culture of people who don't think it's really all that necessary to be serious about stuff like, well, torture for instance.


It never fails, these predatory capitalist thugs are big fans of Ayn Rand. I hope their souls rot in hell, NOW. Colbert gave this technocrat bloodsucker one big pass, very disappointing. And Colbert said he might vote for JEB! Geez, excuse me while I vomit. Has he seen Jeb's tax plan? Massive tax breaks for the wealthy and the corporations, otherwise known as trickle down economics on steroids.
Bush's proposal is to cut the number of individual tax brackets from seven to three, taxing income at 28 percent, 25 percent and 10 percent. Currently, the top marginal income tax rate is 39.6 percent.
His proposals would double the standard tax deduction that most filers take, end what Republicans call the “death tax” on estates of the deceased and seek to make marriage more beneficial for tax purposes.

Mr. Bush also proposed cutting the corporate tax rate to 20 percent from 35 percent and giving incentives to invest domestically. In other words, starve the beast to disable government and destroy all the social safety nets like Social Security and Medicare.


i read an article stating that he was taking a pay cut by giving up his show on comedy central and moving to the late show.


For starters he's an entertainer. He's not to be taken with a glass of water but a grain of salt. It was easy to buffoon Bill Ho, Beck Not the Singer and Rust ( Went ) Limp Paw as they are clearly carnival barkers of the worst order. They hawk gold futures and other scams, for kicks and giggles. They do other things, of which the description of such, is not printable in a family newspaper. Colbert is a moderate Democrat ( old liberal ) and a devout Catholic family guy. But that aside, he's talented, funny and goofy and a darn good talk show host. I feel the same way about John Oliver, John Stewart and thought, at one time, Bill Maher was in the same boat. Now, not so much, with his criticism of religion but his knee jerk support of Israel.


I agree - his old show was much better - if this is the "real' Colbert, i liked the "fake" one better ...

Methinks he just plain sold out ....


Now why would he do that? Less money and working 5 nights a week instead of 4? Doesn't compute ...


He also did an ad for Sabra Hummus (a BDS boycott item) on his first show and had SodaStream (BDS boycott product) spokesperson Scarlett Johansson on as a guest.

Not off to a good start.


Amerika is gone and Steven had us laughing all the way to the end. He didn't do to Obama what he did to George Bush during the White House press dinner. He's one of the one percent now. So is John Stewart. He NEVER asked Obama one question regarding the drone wars, torture, or the assassination of two American citizens, one an innocent juvenile. Just because they make us laugh at the atrocities our criminal government commits, doesn't mean they give a rat's ass about the nation or the world our government terrorizes every damned day. It's all a big joke to them. They're comedians, not patriots, nor global citizens.