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How Terror in Paris Calls for Revising US Syria Policy


How Terror in Paris Calls for Revising US Syria Policy

Gareth Porter

In the wake of the ISIS terrorist attack on Paris, President Barack Obama declared that his administration has the right strategy on ISIS and will “see it through”. But the administration is already shifting its policy to cooperate more closely with the Russians on Syria, and an influential former senior intelligence official has suggested that the administration needs to give more weight to the Assad government and army as the main barrier to ISIS and other jihadist forces in Syria.


Unless Obama is prepared to face a rupture in the US alliance with the Sunni Gulf Sheikdoms over the issue....

From your lips to God's ears.


Has it occurred to anyone in the US administration that Assad is a leader of an independent state freely elected by the Majority of the Syrians? Neither the US nor it's gulf Arab surrogates have any right whatsoever to be in the business of overthrowing a foreign leader by force or any other means, that decision is for the people of Syria. Gulf Arabs fearing internal revolt are exporting terrorism outside their territories with the backing of uncle Sam and will eventually be defeated along with their sponsor States. The ME must be left alone to sort out their own issues. Having been robbed by the US since WWII of their only resources while robbing their youth of real progress was bound to implode sooner or later they can not simply export their problems those chickens will have come home to roost.