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How the Age of Billionaires Ends


How the Age of Billionaires Ends

Josh Hoxie

Every month or so there’s a stunning new headline statistic about just how stark our economic divide has become.

Understanding that this divide exists is a good start. Appreciating that a deeply unfair and unequal economy is problematic is even better. Actually doing something about it — that’s the best.

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The two key words in this article appeared towards the end : ‘Fair share’. In a million and one way, we benefit from the labors of citizens who paved the way to our present preeminent place on Earth. Did you think Jonas Salk deeded his polio vaccine to us so that the progeny of billionaires can ski and scuba at resorts? The ‘self made’ billionaires profited from college educations subsidized by generations of public investment: they tuition they paid was a tiny fraction of the true cost. To the extend that we excel, Americans stand on the shoulders of giants long gone. ‘Fair share’ is to acknowledge that debt we owe.


Then there is my favorite, tar and feather them and then off shore them to China.


It’ll end when the professional managerial class realizes they are the new working class and, effectively, when they are as disposable l (with all their education and life debt) as the working class they ushered to the gutter.


Money, like blood, to be useful to the system needs to circulate.

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Might be a real good use for the unstoppably coming artificial intelligence. Why have the professional managerial class get paid so much for using computers to generate charts and graphs to base their wrong decisions upon when AI could do it so much more efficiently?


The top 0.1 percent won’t end or go away, not in this country anyway. One possible scenario that has been advanced is the 99.9% may eventually split into a separate human species (called “speciation” in biology), whose purpose in life will be to support and justify the existence of the 0.1 percent. This new species will have reduced brainpower.
Evolution works in slow time scales, and it is perfectly possible that this process is already underway. If you look at the white working class and consider its genetic compartmentalization (blue collars tend to breed with blue collars, while highly intelligent people tend to procreate among themselves), it wouldn’t be surprising that speciation among humans were already taking place.


Reminds me of that one scene in The Time Machine where the protagonist goes so far into the future that humanity split into a beautiful elf-like elite race that was extremely decadent and a neanderthal race hidden underground that does all the manual labor.

Frankly though if you ask me if the 0.1 percent continue to get their way we won’t even live long enough to undergo speciation.


Yes, you are right, we might not have enough time (Hawking estimates Earth to become uninhabitable within just a few centuries.) However, if we make it through, some evolution researchers expect the species to split. I don’t have a background in biology, but it is very likely that this is already happening. No to be flippant, but the emergence of the Trump underclass may be an indication that the split is underway.


I believe the Iranians should get dibs on them after we tar and feather them.


It all starts with grassroots and consistently taking action. I’m hoping our next cabinet and administration in 2020 plays dirty and gives the GOP what they deserve.

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Let’s see what Mr. Mueller and the SDNY have to say about waiting till late 2020 to give the GOP and their Stooge what’s coming to them.

There’s really “No Time” I’d rather wait for.


Well then, how do you explain the 0.1%s’ love for marrying women who like commercial country music, sung by folks who wear their cowboy hats, to bed?


I haven’t read The Time Machine for fifty or sixty years, but if my memory serves, the traveler figures out that the surface dwelling elves are the carefully cared for cattle of the Trolls below. Periodically, the Elves are harvested by the Trolls for food. They’ve been carefully conditioned, so, like sheep at the abattoir, they march to the door when the bell rings. When no more are taken and the door closes, the sheep elves return to their pleasant pasture until summoned again.


There is a movement to bring back the guillotine.


Those might generate a highly degenerate mutation of the human race. I don’t think that branch of humans will be stable, however.


But, will their cowboy hats stay on as they mount, then dismount? " To be, or not to be hatless, that is the question ".
Or, will the ladies just protest too much? And, we haven’t even gotten to the role of the spurs ( which go jingle jangle jingle ) yet.


How the Age of Billionaires Ends–“Not with a bang, but a whimper”–T S Elliot.


Shut up and take my money! I know a lot of people have this idea, however a group needs to take action on it.