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How The Assault at Spring Valley High Brutally Demonstrates the ‘School-to-Prison Pipeline’

How The Assault at Spring Valley High Brutally Demonstrates the ‘School-to-Prison Pipeline’

Karen Dolan

Officer Ben Fields had not a moment’s hesitation in putting a black girl in a chokehold to yank her from her desk chair, slam her to ground and throw her across her classroom. The video of this assault has gone viral and has rightly prompted outrage from white people.

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If a civilian had handled that young lady as Officer Ben Fields did, complete with three angles of video evidence, they would CERTAINLY be charged with assault. Where is the assault charge? Mere firing is inadequate if LEOs are to learn that they are NOT above the law.


We have some few mouthpieces , and there more where they come from, that suggest that the problems with persons of color and the law is that the persons of color are “too uppity” and do not have enough respect for a person in uniform thus they tend to be the ones subject to Police violence.

Apparently all they have to do is follow orders when instructed to and all would be well in “the land of the free”. In the “Land of the free” you see freedom is following the orders of the state and defering to authority (especially when black). Now this article is just the tip of the iceberg as to how these children of color treated by those in authority from the very first day they attend their first school. I for the life of me can not imagine how these children are to have “respect for those in authority” when they are subject to being singled out for different punishment just because of their skin color from the very start,

The indoctrination happens very early in “The load of the free and home of the brave” but I am sure all of those white guys showing up with guns at the latest second amendment rally will get right on this.


Yup, if you’re not outraged you just ain’t paying attention. Police are serial violators of Constitutional guarantees. Cops function in an environment completely absent justice. Police murders as well as intimidation within the ranks, are part of an institutional system of oppression.

Police brutality occurs because the political establishment allow violence. Police do not “serve and protect” the community - they serve the ruling elite and killing citizens from time to time serves to intimidate. New York City is the best example of this lethal authoritarian conduct. Representative government and citizen demands is the peaceful solution. These brutal authoritarians are forcing Americans into alternative solutions.


I just finished watching Selma, after it got to my library.

La plus ca change, eh?

If there is a god, she’s going to burn all of us for pulling/allowing shit like this.

The United States is the only country I know of that has armed policemen and security guards in their schools. Because Americans own more guns than all of the other citizens of the world combined, I guess this makes armed schools acceptable to most people? I’m not sure if Americans would prefer a gun free society where no one got gunned down while attending elementary school or keeping the status quo, but to outsiders looking in, the entire U.S. seems like it’s an insane asylum. Underfunded schools, poorly paid teachers, over crowded classrooms, an absence of critical thinking skills, over emphasis on school team sports, encroachment of corporate America on public education via charter schools and the criminalization of children contribute to a pretty whacky situation. Adding institutionalized racism into the mix and we end up with the school-to-prison-pipeline.
The solutions are simple… if we lived in a functioning democracy, but because of corporate fundamentalists, none of these reforms will take place. For example, in more developed countries, schools that show students that are regularly under performing, receive MORE money rather than LESS to help bring up the overall standards. In more developed countries, children don’t go to school hungry or live in economically insecure households where parents must make daily decisions on such things like either paying the heating bill or eating dinner. In more developed countries, teachers are far more respected than sociopaths who have made a killing on the stock market or dishonest politicians. In more developed countries, all of the children (and their parents) have free healthcare eliminating a major source of economic insecurity for its societies’ most vulnerable citizens. In more developed countries schools are not considered to be a dangerous place for children to go to. In more developed countries, education is free and entrance to post K12 institutions is based on merit and not financial means.
In short, if you’re a “poor American” with children, it is best to move to a more developed country that will treat students (and you!) with respect. But most Americans don’t have that option and find themselves unable to affect the decline of universal education here. Instead of feeling empathy for our poor and vulnerable, we’re quick to blame this same group for all of our collective woes. Stupid comments like… “We’re victims of reverse racism” or “I’m not killing blacks, they’re killing each other!” is music to the ears of corporate fundamentalists who understand that the misguided anger of the masses, detracts attention from the real culprits (Wall Street) while forcing ever bigger wedges between the bickering 99%.


The racism of the USA is sooo profound.

Excellent comment but let’s not forget our leaders have determined we are Exceptional in all things. As for this cop being fired, he didn’t lose his license to stop being a cop and he can go elsewhere which is something they all do. Many of these animals seem to have found a safe refuge and home in New Mexico.

The real, failed “War on Drugs” really took off with the National Security Council and V.P. Bush’s shenanigans which we know as the Iran-Contra scandal. It led to (among other drugs) influx of crack cocaine in impoverished communities. This substantially increased gang activities and membership roles. Predictably, it led to much gang-related violence, especially in public schools. And, that led to wide-spread police presence in schools, as well as security cameras.

In truth, they “powers-that-be” are using these sort of tactics to prepare these young generations for acceptance of a true police-state. It’s called an Hegelian Dialectic: problem -> reaction -> solution. This is just one of the various ways that such indoctrination is being done, however slowly, but surely.

George Orwell would be proud of these nefarious power-elites.

And, I neglected to mention the U.S. sponsorship of the heroin coming out of Afghanistan. Both our troops, as well as Britain’s troops, protect the poppy fields, transport to air force bases in Germany and the Balkans. Then the heroin is sent to various countries, world-wide. Russia has their own distribution networks. Yeah, it is certainly predictable that such activity is going increase the addict population as well as crime. (Nice!) And, they do this with the whole world watching.

It is ironic that, eventually, citizens end up being arrested, prosecuted, incarcerated and stigmatized by such two-faced and unscrupulous dealings. I guess that’s okay when a disproportionate percentage of those victims of the system are low-income, people of color, or other socially undesirable groups. Obviously, the folks who make the laws which wreak so much unfair havoc on the victims rarely end up being caught in the web and vicious cycel of the criminal justice system. This is so, even though it is they and people of their social-class who are purchasing the most of certain types of drugs, especially cocaine.

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This video shows what happened after the teacher could not get girl to put her phone away, the principals instructions to leave the class, an administrators demands. They called in the cops, this was the consequences of assholery on the girls part. It was a teaching moment. As a parent I would not accept that kind behavior.


I am not a true believer in Karma. But anyone who is paying attention can see that the school to prison pipeline is eventually going to have consequences for the entire society.

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This assault by a cop on a child must not be tolerated. Creating “perps” and creating situations that puts citizens and cops at odds is growing and also must not be tolerated.

The criminalization of many behaviors is a premeditated mechanism to empower police agencies, to create justification for more personnel and more toys and more encounters with citizens where they can be rousted and busted for something, and either brought into the criminal “justice” system or fined to bring revenue to municipalities - either way it’s a fabricated intentional mechanism to bring the many under the thumb of “authority”.

The largest most punitive mechanism to make the many “perps” has been the war on drugs, especially cannabis/marijuana, that opened-up the people to searches, busts, harrasment, arrest and trial for often doing nothing else illegal. The militarization of American “law-enforcement” and a mindset of us vs them in cops has flowered to the point where a violent cop can attack a child for being a child…the entire system of cops, laws, judges, arrest and trials and imprisonment has become a fraud to oppress the people especially the poor and people of color!



The student did not respond to requests by teacher and principle to leave the classroom. I have not heard what the teacher or principle have to say.

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I disagree. Firing may be appropriate, but that’s as far as this needs to go, imo.

So according to your sick argument justice was served. You should not be allowed around children, or anyone else for that matter because you have a criminal violent mind.

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So in that situation you would deem it appropriate to do the same thing. You would attack a kid, violently turn her desk over throwing her to the ground in the process then you would rip her from that toppled desk and throw her skidding on the floor across the room into the wall.

Hopefully you don’t have kids.

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Yep, that’s what I think. Fortunately my children and my students would not agree with you about my “criminal violent mind.” Get over it.

You are defending a criminal violent act against a kid. That fact is indisputable.

I can just see you confronting this kid after the assault, and saying to her “you deserved getting assaulted with physical violence by a grown man. I would have done the same thing. Get over it kid and stop your damn crying”

You shouldn’t be anywhere near children.

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You are repeating yourself. Believe what you believe and I’ll do the same.