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How the Biden Administration Can Help Rejuvenate Journalism After Four Years of Carnage

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/14/how-biden-administration-can-help-rejuvenate-journalism-after-four-years-carnage

The comments here as to what Joe Biden should do are fine. But Joe Biden has opposed what these authors suggest throughout his career, so we may be pretty certain that he will continue to do so.


What response will follow when Biden continues to act as he has? If journalism is to “rejuvenate,” it will have to do so in the midst of persecution and corruption.

Surely someone must be starting to find this familiar.


Again you can pull out the name of Biden and insert Trump or pence or Cruz or Devos and write exactly the same thing in the rest of the article and it would be just as meaningful.

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This area is Critical to our growth and continued Freedom.

While drumpf was toxic to news and reporter safety at every point
Moonves at cbs was a radioactive killing effect as well

Playing with the news delivery to maximize profit while Misleading the citizen is Traitorous
Having Profit as the goal rather than “Uncovering the Truth “ is Doom for us all

Ideas like PBS and NPR are needing a hybrid facelift for 2021
Keep them Truth Centric and Forbid Political Overthrows
And Government Fund an Independent Journalism Environment

We do it for R&D in weapons developments

The carnage is self-inflicted - TDS and dogmatic left wing bias.
Now that too is blamed on Trump. Hilarious.

Oh drumpf still holding your little …