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How the Credibility Gap Became a Chasm in the Age of Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/02/how-credibility-gap-became-chasm-age-trump

When I read articles like this I often reflect on the Kennedys of my parents’ generation. They seemed to know that their privilege was unearned, and, let’s just say, perhaps immorally forged. They recoiled into righteousness. They were not saints, but they fought the good fight. Then there is Trump. Dealt basically the same hand in life. I recall the words of Lloyd Bentsen, “I knew Jack Kennedy, and you are no Jack Kennedy.”

Also born in 1952, being a high school newspaper reporter in the SF Bay Area, I characterized the “credibility gap” in articles I wrote as large enough to fly a B-52 through. Dodging the draft in response to my low draft lottery number I spent the subsequent three decades fighting the establishment to the extent that ever since I started posting on CD two decades ago I have reminded readers that by the end of the 20th century the “credibility gap” had grown large enough to fly the entire B-52 fleet through in V formation.

Now that I am a local elected I am encouraged seeing young people and old people (who were young people pushing back when I was a high school newspaper reporter) pushing back on the establishment, enabling me to make gubmit in my corner of the world more transparent.

2020 graduates who seize the moment and become politically active WILL escape the “chasm”.

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Ironically, lying has become easier in the “information age.”

Social media platforms isolate citizens into echo chambers.
Spin-doctoring is an art and a science.
Hypocrisy is a team sport.
Willful ignorance is its own pandemic.

People who eat McDonalds and other fake food long enough ultimately reject real food.

Homer points out how decades of revisionist history with 24 years of faux current events “reporting” on FOX piled on ultimately makes Gordon’s and others reporting real history and current events reporting unpalatable to many.

Isn’t “willful ignorance” one of the symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome that afflicts so many murkins ?


Jack Kennedy was honoured after his assassination with a boulevard in Montreal. It’s a fairly short section of paving with gardens leading up to the plinth with a bronze bust of Kennedy. I don’t believe that Montreal will be doing the same for Trump.

Travelling the world during the 70s I found streets named for JFK in many nations but none named for Hitler.

We WILL likely see things named for Trump in certain parts of the US where the GOP cult is permanently embedded.

Please don’t say that our times are the “Age of Trump”. That grants him what every narcissist years for: to be regarded as the center around which the whole human world turns. For those who seek to
defeat the bullshitter, this is an advance proclamation of failure.

In terms of understanding, it fixes on one aspect of the current historical developments as the principal part, disregarding bigger and deeper aspects. That works directly against efforts, such as this
article, to place that part in the larger content.

I suggest also denying the narcissist the triumph of seeing us use his name. That’s why I refer to him as “the bullshitter”, “the bully”, “the conman” (his lawyer said he was one), “the saboteur in chief”,
“the murderer in chief”, “the numskull”, and other terms that describe what he is doing.