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How The Deranged Took Over America


How The Deranged Took Over America

John Atcheson

And why they may be here to stay


Pity the poor American voter, stuck in the middle with the Party of No and the Party of Bait-and-Switch. Is it any wonder that our electoral turnout is the chronically among the lowest in the industrialized world?

The only way under current law to cast a vote for “none of the above” is to vote exclusively Green, independent or write-in. Refusing to vote on principle is playing into the hands of those who are engaged in voter-suppression efforts nationwide.

Sorry, Brand D, but there IS an alternative. Lesser-evilism is so-o-o-o last century.


Thank you for this…I wrote Bernie in this past election, had to, just had to.


“…the entire Party has been lying for decades, but at least it followed a plan (laid out by James Powell in 1971) with a purpose—”

I had a hard time reading the article after this. I assume the author is referring to the infamous “Powell Memo,” written by the then future SCOTUS Justice Lewis F Powell Jr (not sure who James Powell might be) to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in August, 1971, outlining a strategy for the corporate takeover of the U.S. government.


Balance is a sick goal imposed on reporters from the outset. Often there are informative dialectics to bring out - for instance, between the advocates and opponents of “tiny homes” (where both viewpoints have validity) to address the housing crisis. The purpose of airing a dialectic is not to leave the true narrative or the moral path hopelessly tangled in balance, but resolution.

Allegiance to real history - to true narrative - is where the imperial press has most grievously failed, all the way back to the genocide and slavery which built America. Occasionally a truth-teller emerges despite it all: Chris Hedges, Robert Parry, Gary Webb. The intensity of Webb’s evisceration was what convinced me that the reporter’s profession is a curse.

I have no idea how to address this problem. Imperial citizens don’t want to know anything about the crimes of empire. Their press gives them what they want. Above all, nobody wants to hear anything about morality. Pope Francis’s environmental encyclical was startling in the sense that virtually nobody ever brings up the moral dimension of environmental destruction.


In that photo - just raise your hands a bit higher, and straighten the arms. Then it would be accurate.

Traitors, all.


yes, I noticed that as well. We really don’t need any more misinformation and we need to know who is behind all of this.


Props to Acheson for giving the Dems some blame.

I genuinely believe that for several generations the true goal of the Democratic Party is to divert, confuse & ultimately stifle left & leftish voters, to blunt or completely neutralize the impulse for true reform & more equitable wealth distribution. To take good intentions, melt them all down, & forge them into bullets, bombs, & barbed wire.


Valuable insight. We have to face the values that so many americans hold - and particularly exemplified when given power. I am mainly speaking of greed and lust for power and control. Freedom is the antipathy of many people. If I am greedy and can force you to buy my products through using the government - then you are a form of a slave. If I force you to buy things from me that you really don’t need and are not in your best interest - like the things our government buys and forces us to pay for - then that is a form of slavery. I am not per se against government - but it is a tool which appears to have been mostly in the wrong hands for most of our history. Who can complain about parks, schools, hospitals, libraries, etc - paid for by our tax money. Sorry - but I don’t think that is where most of the money goes. I also have to ask - why do we have no poor people in our legislative bodies? They make up a significant percentage of the populace but I don’t think they have any representation.

To the true politicos, idealists were always fools when they actually were what we so badly needed. We have been taken over by the cynical manipulators whose loyalty is to self and greed. Idealists have been eliminated in one form or the other.


Can a country whose foundation consists of genocide, ecocide and slavery ever be anything other than deranged?

An oft repeated Jiddu Krishnamurti quote bears repeating:

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”

Empire collapse together with biosphere collapse is where we find ourselves today----:cry:


Way back in Joe McCarthy’s time, The Republicans and the Democrats use to be paranoid about what they called: " the red menace" infiltrating the US government but how ironic! America has been not taken over by the communists…but by the deranged menace.


We’re done. I’m 70 yrs old and have never seen it this bad in the time I’ve been alive 1946-today. We survived Nixon, barely survived “junior” and now we have a Hitler wannabe. I really think our run is over. In another 20 yrs or maybe even sooner we will look like India, Greece or maybe even Mexico.


Atcheson gets it. The Republicans are who they have always been, the doormat of the rich. But we won’t progress (that’s the right word) any if we don’t, once and for all, acknowledge the Dem’s complicity in all of this. In the end, I still maintain we will be victorious. Evil doesn’t have a leg to stand on, it doesn’t walk or run…it slithers, which is why its limitations will be eliminated, in the long run. Keep on believing.


If we’re lucky. They aren’t actually hell.


There’s no such thing as a Free Press any longer.  The “mainstream media” is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Military-Industrial Complex.  Fox (aka Faux) news is just a propaganda agency for the socially conservative Fat Cats, and MSNBC the entertainment branch of the socially liberal Fat Cats; both are tools of the economic elite who own Congress and a majority interest in the Supreme Court.  They are not about to hold their owners res­ponsible for anything.


The congressional photo is beauty, such artistry, child hiding in mother’s embrace, hiding from noise and tie-wearing, black suited strangers grimacing, bow tie and loose-collared fellows next to unhappily serious women. Disgusting scene mostly but the embrace says it all. The kid’s a genius or smart enough to know better.


Who is James Powell?


It isn’t hard to see what happened. It is just that we thought that powerful white nationalist movements were only for Europe. We thought out minority groups were well integrated into society compared with the situation in Europe. We thought now that we have elected a black president that the worst of racism was in our past. We thought that antisemitism was largely a European phenomena. Well we woke up on the day after the last election to find out everything we assumed was wrong. We had a president who was closely associated with Breitbart News, a platform of the alt-right, a name given to white supremacists by neo-Nazi Richard Spencer. Suddenly neo-Nazis were not buried in the back pages in the newspapers of right there in the headlines. The white nationalist movements are gaining in popularity and are driven largely by waves of immigrants and fears of terrorism by jihadists and in the US by racism against blacks. That is how it happened. Now what can we do about it?


I noticed the name error also, but the rest of the article is spot on!


Great article!! I’ve been saying for a long time, that when Clinton signed the GOP Bill to Deregulate media ownership, we began to sink. Fox News being owned by a criminal like Murdock couldn’t have happened without it. This one signature by Clinton has done more damage than anyone ever saw coming! It took out the foundation that our Democracy stood on, and the rapid consolidation of other media ownership followed. This has crushed truth, to an entire generation that assumed the “News” had integrity and could be trusted. That signature followed by the removal of any journalistic integrity we ever had begun, almost immediately. I remember when Bush had a long trusted journalist, Dan Rather’s, fired, for simply telling the truth about Bush being “missing in action while serving”. Bush was AWOL and yet few knew that. Clinton doing this for Republicans had to come with the promise to elect Hillary someday, and that was unforgivable to me.
Connecting cuts to education for 30 years to no media truth, and you have, “The Dumbing Down of America”… Charles Pierce’s book.
While the rest of the world looked on, we look as backwards and more uneducated than ever. Toss in lower wages for the middle class, and the destruction of the middle class with Union busting, and this ended contracts that saved our jobs, and wages. Reagan’s trickle down has become our inescapable reality, and with hacked elections, it’s almost inevitable. Unless we stop them!
People can’t allow the excuse of being too busy working more, to pay for the same bills to live, and forget to vote.
It’s a shame no one listened to Bernie Sanders. He really was the only person running truly qualified to fix this, that had a real chance to stop the Republican destruction, and put people first. I haven’t forgiven the Democrats for cutting him off, and “deciding for us”. The time of “Voting for the lesser of two evils”, was just asking too much from millions, even if they knew Trump was dangerous. Still, if we don’t get Trump out of our white House, and fire this do nothing Republican controlled congress, the damage done already may never be repaired. We won’t last as long as the Roman Empire.
It’s such a shame to see this happening in the twilight of my own life. The Lakes I swam in are polluted, my granddaughter won’t have the same freedom I had or opportunity. Our children won’t get the education for a future, because schools don’t have computer training, or a real education for a real future. Instead we’re fed a diet of polluted food, and the same arguments that we all know caused Reagan to cause record debt. We can’t let the 1% have a dime more at our expense. The Social Security Trust Fund was robbed by the Republicans, and has been cut, and altered, at every chance they get. Reagan taxed our social security and no one blinked!
Now they’re cutting Medicare and Medicaid in this latest “budget”…to pay for the tax cuts they’ll hand the 1%, their real masters.
They don’t fear voters when they know that voters refuse to vote in mass numbers, enough that no amount of tampering can change. 2018 may be out last chance. However, once the Democrats do take congress, if we’re lucky…make them impeach this time, and expose it all…Expose everything that’s happened and convict!. We have a right to know the truth. Restore Media Regulations and gut taxes for any companies that move jobs offshore,and end our paying for their moving expenses too. Take back America…should be the call from us all.