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How The Election Became A Referendum on Fossil Fuels

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/03/how-election-became-referendum-fossil-fuels

Mr. Henn,

That is delusional. The election is a referendum on fascism, not on fossil fuels. It is good that Biden finally recognized the existential crisis of climate change and stated that we eventually have to abandon oil, but that is probably the fifth most important thing on voters’ minds . . . . Come back to Earth.

Stay away from the brown acid! Ads work. That is why it is such a big business. Arguing to get money out of politics is a better way to take on oil, by confrontation you give them a lever. Certain people will lose their jobs and they won’t like that: see the rust belt for an example.

This election should have been a landslide but again no progressive candidate, throwing the antiwar voters and economic justice voters under the bus, creates a possible Trump victory. I can’t wait to see the breakdown of various votes. Did the identity voters once again not show up?