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How the GOP’s Cynical Election Strategy Is Imploding


How the GOP’s Cynical Election Strategy Is Imploding

David Daley

As Donald Trump enmeshed himself in a bitter fight with the parents of an American Muslim military hero — and Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and John McCain looked to put distance between themselves and their party’s presidential nominee — there’s actually worse news for Republicans.

Several important court victories for voting rights since Friday could dramatically remake the campaign for Congress and the White House, and this time, GOP leadership may have a harder time distancing themselves from un-American tactics.


"Democrats still have to win, state by state, a majority of districts algorithmically determined to ensure their defeat."

This state of affairs only exists because the DNC sandbagged Bernie.

If they had allowed him to ascend to the Candidacy that was Rightfully His, they would have Swept these Gerrymandered Districts in a Populist Flood.



The Republican Party are being exposed as puny, hate-filled racists? Gosh, oh gee!! Who knew? The Democratic Party is controlled by the cynical 1% and the MIC ( Corporatocracy ) and its' MSM minions? Shocking, you say! Where did The Very Important People think this calculated political/economic/spiritually unhinged free-for-all was going to end up, anyway? The smell of sulphur hangs in the summer air. Get used to it.


The only fraud we have seen in political elections are the republicans themselves...They are the only frauds in our election process...Liars cheats and frauds..


Isn't it Trumps intention to "wreck" the Republican Party and in so doing cause the implosion of the Democratic Party?
Hillary is a neo-liberal, pro-interventionist, warmonger and so is Trump.
So how different, philosophically, can Hillary and Trump be when it comes to our economic and foreign policy?
Don't Hillary and Trump both work for the same Master?


Mr. Daley raises a very significant issue but few are addressing it. In the recent past, after hearing him interviewed on NPR, I posted the link to an article relating the findings of his book on this subject.

For years I have debated the posters who push the idea that America's problems are the voters' fault. However, what represents the public's vote is mostly manipulated with all sorts of graft and various elaborate forms of fraud.

The way Republicans have redrawn voting districts gives them an unfair share of the votes along with the power and influence to set policy.

So while the old white guys' club is busy redesigning the voting districts to give themselves undue, unfair (should be illegal!) advantages, on the Dem. side of the aisle, quite a few preliminary vote counts and vote contests have also relied upon graft and corruption to ensure that Mrs. Clinton would be "the choice."

When I lived in Singapore in 2004, quite loudly (at a vegetarian café) I mocked the idea of that nation's elections. After all, they only had ONE candidate! People looked at me with horror--as if it was the self-evident truth that need never be uttered.

However, when (as is the case in the U.S.) both candidates MUST show homage to the MIC (War Department) and Big Capital (the corporate oligarchic plunderers), the net effect is precisely the same thing.

In real time citizens are witnessing just how far The Powers will go to eliminate any TRUE opponents of the status quo.

C.D. has an article about Jeremy Corbyn and his pie-in-the-sky policies. These have as much chance being put into law as does the agenda initially espoused by Bernie Sanders (or Jill Stein).

There is a difference between what is aspirational and what is likely.

My bet is on full systems' collapse... after the carcass falls, THEN comes the opportune moment for a new template to be set, and a new paradigm to come into being.


The issues with the electorate as it relates to Political parties is not limited to the Republicans. The electorate is as disgusted with the Democrats and their own policies.

91 percent of Americans polled support neither Trump or Clintoon .

In total, roughly 60 million people voted in the primaries, with about 30 million voting for Republicans and another 30 million voting for Democrats. The funny thing about this, though, is the fact that most of these voters supported other candidates in the primaries since there was a wider group of politicians from which they can choose.

Although Clinton and Trump did finish in the lead, they only needed a very small percentage of eligible voters to win the nomination. When looking at the overall level of support that they have among the average American, that number is even smaller. Together, Clinton and Trump had the support of roughly 14% of eligible voters, and 9% of American residents in general.


"My plutocrat is richer then your plutocrat."
In July Trump raised $86 million dollars and Hillary raised $90 million dollars.
It doesn't appear that the plutocrats much care who wins in November because the oligarchy will remain in power either way.