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How the Left Failed France’s Muslims


How the Left Failed France’s Muslims

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Walden Bello

From Germany to Belgium to France, European countries have been on a manhunt for terrorists in the wake of January’s shootings at the French satirical paper Charlie Hebdo and a Parisian kosher supermarket. The pursuit has been especially intense in Belgium, where officials describe their targets as jihadist sleeper cells about to mount new terrorist attacks.


Racial, ethnic, and religious discrimination have driven a generation of young migrants to radical movements as a solution to an absence of job prospects, poor education, deteriorated neighborhoods, lack of respect, and repeated bouts in jail.

This is not a failure of the left. The reality is that neither France nor Europe have enough jobs for their own people. What are they supposed to do? Unemploy their own people to give jobs to Muslim immigrants?

Like it or not, the Hungarian minister is right. Immigration must be stopped. It doesn’t benefit Europeans and it doesn’t benefit immigrants, who eventually get tired of subsisting on welfare.


In America we have millions of immigrants from So. & Central America here. They like the Muslim migrants in Europe are here for the most part for work. We don’t have enough jobs either, yet we haven’t and aren’t going to round them all up and deport them. Neither will the Europeans exile all their Muslim citizens. The great majority of these groups children and grandchildren will eventually assimilate. A subset of both groups never will and most of these folks will leave. An even smaller subset of both will turn violent.


A few years ago a Moslem friend of mine told me that someone showed up at his mosque trying to recruit fighters for Chechnya. No one turned him in.

My fellow leftists want us to believe that there is a huge difference between the terrorists and ordinary, true Moslems. I’ll believe that when I see the ordinary, faithful Muslims exposing the ISIS and Al Qaida types. Do you really think they don’t know who they are?