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How the Media Distort News from Venezuela

How the Media Distort News from Venezuela

Reese Erlich

Whenever officials in Washington, D.C. set out to overthrow a foreign government, mainstream US media outlets are there to give a helping hand. All pretense of fairness and balance disappear in favor of outrageous distortion. For the most recent example, let’s look at Venezuela.


Erlich closes:

“The government of Venezuela certainly deserves a lot of criticism. Inflation is skyrocketing. Venezuelans face shortages of food and medicine. Unemployment is increasing as work places shut down because of the crisis. But that doesn’t justify US efforts to overthrow Maduro and install an opposition leader.”

Not only does Venezuelan economic chaos “not justify” US intervention, it is in large part the result of US actions to disrupt and destabilize the Venezuelan economy.


How much longer will each and every one of us continue to support this corrupt, militaristic, two-party form of rule, enabling them to bully weaker nations?

Won’t you consider registering as an Independent, a Socialist, or a Green?


I read an article a few years back that proposed a deal had been made between the Obama administration and the Saudis for the Saudis to glut the market with oil, causing a swift and deep decline in oil prices in order to decimate the Venezuelan economy and at least cripple the Russian economy. Do not remember the author or the site, but it is certainly reasonable and could explain our increasing arms sales to the Saudis and blind support - until recently- for their assault against Yemen.


I did but in order to vote in primary here in Oregon I will have to register as a dem or repug. I want to vote in primary, never missed one. So what to do. Some dems wants to add a bunch more Supremes justices legal and some want to get rid of electoral college.

I want to make it illegal for all states to require either dem or repugs registration. Yes, I know in some states or maybe federally if a party gets more than 5 or 15% of the vote they have to be in primaries but then do they count the right ins? Did not work well for Ralph Nader? and I sure do not consider him a spoiler. I consider the two parties the spoilers.


I hope someone can come up with that article, would like to read.

Might this be it?


Thanks. That’s it!


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(for example, Judy Woodruff, host of the PBS NewsHour, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a pro-U.S. Empire organization including other members such as Henry Kissinger and John Bolton)


“Not only does Venezuelan economic chaos “not justify” US intervention, it is in large part the result of US actions to disrupt and destabilize the Venezuelan economy.”

Yes, and one would never learn that fact from the Imperial Corporate Media.


If it was the right way to , regime change, we would have already done it here.

Eliot, you old vampire. Still representing the Forces of Democracy™ against people who win too many votes.


President Maduro said a US cyber attack caused the shutdown. CBS News reported this claim, but gave it no credence, dutifully saying US officials “dismissed the Venezuelan government’s accusation as absurd and an attempt to divert attention from its own chronic failings.”

The Maduro government has yet to provide proof of its assertion. - Rees Erlich

Come on Reese, you could have, at least, mentioned the 2010 document from Srdja Popovic of the US backed Center for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies (CANVAS) that asserted:

There is the grave possibility that some 70 percent of the country’s electricity grid could go dark as soon as April 2010. Water levels at the Guris dam are dropping, and Chavez has been unable to reduce consumption sufficiently to compensate for the deteriorating industry. This could be the watershed event, as there is little that Chavez can do to protect the poor from the failure of that system. This would likely have the impact of galvanizing public unrest in a way that no opposition group could ever hope to generate. At that point in time, an opposition group would be best served to take advantage of the situation and spin it against Chavez and towards their needs. - Source: WikiLeaks (https://search.wikileaks.org/gifiles/?viewemailid=218642)


If Gweedough & Co. can’t tip over Maduro & Co. now, why would one think they could beat Chavez and his supporters in 2010, drought or not.
The Saudi’s always pose a threat to oil price stability, but in 2010 and now, their threat also works against U.S.fracking investors, Canadian tar sands, British and the E.U. countries, etc. The current Venezuelan government is going to be destroyed ( criminally /co-conspirators aplenty ) for reasons of national security. The only country allowed to dictate any policy of importance in the Western Hemisphere is the United States. Every person, party or country must kiss the ring of The Monroe Doctrinaires & The Alphabets who work hand-in-glove with The MIC.
The NATO Countries are just as guilty of enforcement of The Monroe Doctrine as the U. S., of course. Putting lipstick on all these murdering pigs doesn’t mean much, unfortunately. Their intentions are those of all old European colonialists; the economic rights of elite whites always take precedence over non-white populations, wherever and whenever the old foot of theirs, gets in the doorway. And, lots of places where The Alphabets kick down the doors, too.
The plague of white elitist power knows no other way of protecting their interests, whether it’s Venezuela, Cuba, Libya or Iran. That the Fascists of Great Britain, France or Israel are on the same page, is not at all surprising. They all sing from the same hymnal when it comes to $$$ or methods.


Any good Samantha Bee does by mocking and critiquing Abrams is totally undone by her spreading the lies that Abrams and company spread about Maduro.

The only real take away from her bit is that Maduro is a vicious, violent dictator and we need to deal with him with someone other than Abrams.

I’m so sick of this repetition of CIA lies.


My friend the ex-journalist now strings beads and lives in the desert with PTSD.

From RT.com today,

I just saw that too. This changes everything~ now Russia is at OUR doorstep with 2 nuclear capable planes. And not one word yet from US main street media.

But it’s just dandy that Eastern European countries have our nuclear weaponry all over, aimed at Russian lands. Or, that Turkey has nuclear weapons in the Middle East and near Russian lland, as well.
Russian investment in Venezuela demands some effort to protect same. It’s business, just as Chinese investments would be protected, correct?

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