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How the Media Enabled Donald Trump by Destroying Politics First


How the Media Enabled Donald Trump by Destroying Politics First

Neal Gabler

It is more than a little ironic that the Republican Establishment and the mainstream media are both now in full panic mode over the possibility of Donald Trump winning the GOP nomination. You would think that the Republican Party, which has been, let’s face it, hate-spewing, poor-bashing, government-stopping and corporation-loving for decades, ought to be the leading culprit for having paved the way for Trump’s success.


Journalism is dead. And we have killed it. --Nietzsche 2.0


Journalism disappeared when main-stream media came to be owned by 6 big corporations. One has to go to alternate media to find the truth. Even some of them won't touch "the truth" when it contradicts the "official narrative". You have to be mindful and skeptical of everything you read.


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The media is playing the role of Dr. Morpheus in the classic 50's sci fi classic "Forbidden Planet." Like Morpheus the media is bemoaning the fact that it can't stop the monster threatening to kill us all , never being able to admit that the Monster is the creation of it's own ID or darkside. As in that drama the Capt. tells Morpheus that this Monster has all the power it needs from "the mega machine" to do what it wants, in this case it's the media machine itself that will supply Donald all the power he needs to get to the WH. Attacking Trump just gives him more power , in T'ai chi chuan, Judo, Akido and Kung fu the harder one is attacked the better because it's the attackers energy one will use to ward off the attack and uproot and unbalance the attacker. Trump has been using just such a strategy with great results , so far.


The reason the Republican establishment is so against Trump is that he has been embarrassing the hell out of them because what he says overtly is exactly what the Republican party is covertly and for all his faults Trump has been able to expose their clandestine hypocrisy and that is what they are so upset about.

You want proof? When asked in the last debate, all the candidates said they would support Trump if he was the Republican nominee and that includes Kasich who is suppose to be a "moderate"!

You want further proof? Rubio called Trump "A CON MAN" and later said he would back Trump if he was the nominee; in other words, what Rubio said is he would have no problem endorsing a "CON MAN" for POTUS! That statement has to be the epitome of hypocrisy!

Trump is the repugnant, microcosm of what the macrocosm of the Republican party has become.


The media has been ripping up Trump almost around the clock but it just seems to help him. Trump has gotten all this media attention by taking his campaign into the gutter. In recent times this is new for a candidate of a major political party. We are used to candidates being eliminated by making gaffes. Trump has turned this around because his whole campaign is gaffes. He has made enough gaffes for a hundred candidates. What has propelled Trump is that no matter what he says voters continue to support him. He is supported by a subculture that is rebelling against political correctness. These include KKK types, bikers, good old boy rednecks, shock jock radio fans, etc. The Republican establishment has tried to hid its racism and xenophobia with code words and denial but Trump just lets it all go which pleases his supporters. The pretending is over. Build the wall, send them back, keep them out. Finally a large group of Americans have found a politician who seems to think and talk like they do. Don't blame the media for the Trump phenomenon. This is democracy. People are learning about the candidates and voting.


That's right, and that points to a gaping hole in Gabler's analysis, even though there are many good points that Gabler makes.

"The Media" did not carry out this mission to degrade politics in the USA simply for ratings.

"The Media" did so on behalf of the owners of the media, who comprise the military industrialists, corporatists, and capital. These interest groups do not want an engaged and empowered citizenry, and have been very happy to sponsor "the media" in its incessant degradation of the possibility of honest politics.

And while some Republican Party bigwigs are now joining the chorus of people who are distraught over the success of the Trump campaign, we all reap the trouble that's been sown.


Don't forget academia.


And he said that in another century!


TRUMP..... although I strongly disagree with his views on Muslims, the Mexican Wall and making America great again (without saying how??), I feel that a Trump Vote is a vote against the Current state of US Government and Politics.... As Trump has made great errors in belittling, insulting women, the handicaped, non-whites (Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims) all of this takes a back seat in the minds of people who see the great faults with our political and governmental system....A trump vote is a vote against the Status Quo.....And a Vote for Hillary is a Vote for the Status Quo.
So if Hillary gets the Democratic Nom, that's a vote of fear by the democratic voters, fearful of change....and if Trump gets the popular vote of the Repubs (no guarantee of the Nom), then that is a Vote for Change against the current system on both sides of our mono-duo-opoly.....


That is the extent of your critique of media in this country? That? Is your unsophisticated analysis a product of such?


As Trump has made great errors in belittling, insulting women, the handicaped, non-whites (Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims) all of this takes a back seat in the minds of people who see the great faults with our political and governmental system

Speak for yourself, and in having spoken for yourself, you still want to keep that absurd contention in print?

And by the way, those "errors" reveal his principles, which he surely doesn't count as errors according to his sociopath mind.


And apparently, there are many Trump "progressives" (you not included)crawling out of the woodwork in this community who argue that everything should be considered in balance, don't you know. I mean, all of that racist stuff, just no big deal at all!

I've been told that I'm missing the "nuance".


I'd like to know, why the hell you are making this comment to me, as if I support Hillary Clinton.

Please find one statement I have made in support of Hillary Clinton.




Actually, much more than ownership of the media the problem is one of "advertizership" - the business model that depends on advertiser revenue. Even if the media was still in the hands of thousands of local business owners, the fact remains that media owners stay in business by selling advertising space to capitalist businesses, and are therefore compelled to alter the content of their news and analysis to avoid the advertisers (and small business advertisers can be the worst) taking their business elsewhere. The advertiser-revenue-based media model - by itself - explains everything. No "spooky plot" theories regarding concentration of media ownership ownership are needed.

Edit...although concentration is a natural consequence of this same commercial media syatem.


We could probably find your argument verbatim in German regarding a certain candidate for Chancellor in 1933. Hitler was against the old corrupt /Wiemar status quo - and he advocated lots of generous social programs too!


Yonzer is correct but, like so many people who post on sites like this, here is a unnoticed opportunity.

Big Media are the weak links in the Powers That Be because the only thing they have to sell is access to consumer attention. They have no inventory to unload before making new stuff. Attacked in sufficient numbers, they will pretend to cave then have to live up to what they are saying. Communicating agitators would have to stay on them, of course. But SiouxRose's hated "we" know all too well that if were up to the media folks, cigarette commercials would be back and plentiful. Alcohol advertiding us sneaking back in. When I was was young and callow, no mention of vaginas would have been unthinkable. Now they're a whole advertising genre.

My only feeble idea I've ever had about how things might be changed is start a major assault on the Big Media companies: emails, voicemails, their "we want to hear what you think" talkback things they have going. If a few people do it, nothing will change. But if hundreds of thousands of millions if people do it, people from all points on the Left-Right spectrum who have nothing in common except that they know that the media are running a racket, turning the electoral process into a huge cash cow. The electorate would be well served by a constant stream of reminders that the media companies are the Deep Pockets that all those bribes (even when known as "campaign contributions") are going into.


And a Trump presidency would be the greatest show of all and continue the ratings explosion for news channels. Despite the current signs of regret among some media types over their creation, there is little doubt that they will continue to provide massive coverage to Trump if he wins the Republican nomination. Likewise, the so-called conservatives who now express their misgivings over Trump can be expected to jump on his bandwagon.

And President Trump's governing style would be manna for the media. Picture the great leader supervising the building of a wall in a much ballyhooed media event. The next day's news might focus scenes of Mexican families being ripped from their homes and thrown onto cattle cars. A burning mosque might be the highlight of a third day of wall-to-wall coverage. Protestors being beaten to death by vigilant secret service agents or outraged patriots can be expected as a regular feature of the nightly news - with appropriate tut-tutting from officially designated liberals.

This nightmare can only be prevented if all decent people absolutely refuse to accept a Trump dictatorshiip.