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How the Media Hide Undocumented Workers

How the Media Hide Undocumented Workers

Aviva Chomsky

In our post-modern (or post-post-modern?) age, we are supposedly transcending the material certainties of the past. The virtual world of the Internet is replacing the “real,” material world, as theory asks us to question the very notion of reality. Yet that virtual world turns out to rely heavily on some distinctly old systems and realities, including the physical labor of those who produce, care for, and provide the goods and services for the post-industrial information economy.

Thank you for covering this subject, Ms. Chomsky. I hadn’t heard about it, nor have I purchased a newspaper in MANY years.

I happen to see it as a tree killer, too. And just as I think those who opt for Cable TV ought to pay for the channels they wish to view, and not a menu of unnecessary options; I think newspapers should find out what sections people actually intend to read.

How many trees die so that the Sunday New York Times can produce page after page of information the average reader will never read?

The facts of life for Hispanic itinerant farm workers in my state Florida and others; and the low pay of janitors in many cities (many of whom are Black or Hispanic), and the long hours and low pay of home care workers (many of whom are Black and Hispanic) also fall into this (or should) discussion.

It’s a virtual underground that keeps many of this nation’s businesses and necessities flowing… so that some imp born into privilege, like Trump, can turn these people into scapegoats. Just despicable and the same goes for the audiences of chimps who applaud this baboon.

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Practicing what they preach

These immigrant workers and others fill the jobs on the margins of the economy - low-skilled jobs which have always tended to lack union organization and the normal long fought for protections and labor rights that other workers would successfully insist on.
But with the economy losing jobs by the millions, whether due to ‘globalization’ or technological change or the banking crash or now to the fall in oil prices: the Us economy has lost an awful lot of jobs.
Result: many workers are forced to take on even this sort of work, and even with the conditions going from bad to worse.
And this is then touted by economists and politicians as “free enterprize”! Some freedom for these wage slaves.