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How the Media Iced Out Bernie Sanders & Helped Donald Trump Win

How the Media Iced Out Bernie Sanders & Helped Donald Trump Win

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

We hadn’t seen Bernie Sanders in Philadelphia since last July, when he watched his primary opponent, Hillary Clinton, win the Democratic Party’s nomination. Sanders joined the “Democracy Now!” news hour this week at the historic Philadelphia Free Library for a wide-ranging discussion. “I am deeply concerned about the future of American democracy,” Sanders told the enthusiastic standing-room-only crowd. Millions of Americans voted for Sanders in the primaries. He transformed the 2016 U.S.


This is what fascism in the 21st Century looks like. It’s not about jackboots and armies bent on world conquest. It’s more subtle but just as totalitarian. Corporatism allows “free speech” just so long as they control all media outlets either directly or by infiltrating them to shape the discourse. Want to call yourself a progressive? Fine. A nice little playpen is all set up for you to do your thing. Want to debate state socialism vs. archo-syndicalism? Go right ahead. You’ll be the hit of the cocktail-party circuit. Into that democracy thingy? Knock yourself out trying to get out the vote. But as Stalin said, “The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.”


When media - the so called Fourth Estate - is corrupted, bought-out, controlled/forced to a narrow pablum, our journalists threatened and marginalized to great extent, and our public education less than required in any society (to put it mildly), it’s no wonder the “Dark Side” can get away with its lies, fabrications, propaganda and overt service to the 1% at will…


Breaking up the media ownership should be just as important as getting rid of Citizens United and breaking up Wall Street. Corporations are people my friend. How many billion of dollars of free advertisement did DT get just proves that.


Any of us who were along for the ride knew, that Forces were working against Bernie, and therefore against us.


I think you’re right… Sanders, at this point is not that powerful. It would have been more correct to say that Sanders is the most POPULAR person in the Democratic Party.
Hopefully, he’ll be able to transform his popularity into power.


spot on.

You’re probably right. I wonder how badly the party has to shaft him before Sanders would bolt. Hillary and the DNC robbed him of the nomination; he could have called her on the electoral fraud and didn’t. I’m skeptical that he is going to be able to really influence the direction of the party.


How exactly, now, are the Democrats going to be taken over and transformed from the grassroots? Just like the effort to recount votes in the general election in MI, WI, and PA, would an effort to investigate voting irregularities (or are they regularities?) in the primary between Clinton and Sanders be an acceptable point of departure? Sorry, but I’m still “stuck” on wondering what exactly happened in California when Clinton “won” over Sanders, but millions of votes remained uncounted, with one of them, I sure bet, being mine. The Democrats run Cali, so shall we challenge them to investigate this? If not, then why exactly should I believe that there is any hope for a Democratic Party to be democratic when its primary process remains shrouded in something that doesn’t exactly smell like robust democracy to me? Truth, truth, we need honest, humble, unafraid, penetrating, unbordered, unsuppressed, inconvenient, uninvested (in maintaining business as usual, that is), enlightening, un-preordained, empowering, cleaning, inspiring, mind-opening, heart-opening truth.


Media is a lot more than the nightly network newscasts. Sanders was on for many hours during numerous debates and also was on for many hours on cable news.He got plenty of exposure on TV. The cable news gave way too much time to Trump. He was on almost continuously during the primaries even though there were 16 other candidates. Cable news just looked at making bucks on advertising and completely abandoned their purpose as part of the free press. During the general election it was actually better not to be on TV. When they focused on Clinton it was about her e-mails or the Clinton Foundation and when they focused on Trump it was about one scandal or another. The only coverage that met high standards was the Democratic primary as it really was mostly about issues and policy. The Republican primary and general election were a disgrace because of Trump. Everything he is involved in is a disgrace. Ultimately cable news gave the election to Trump by the way they handled the Comey statement. Comey had no solid information about any e-mails yet it once again raise suspicions. Had it not been for Comey and the media this country would still be on track waiting for Hillary Clinton to become president.

" It’s more subtle but just as totalitarian."

Excellent! What Sheldon Wolin has called " INVERTED TOTALITARIANISM".

With the election of the Trump Administration and Trump’s alt-right cabinet, I think this quote by Noam Chomsky is very appropriate: (The current Administration, my words, Noam was actually referring to the Obama, Administration) " is very similar to the late Weimar, Germany…THE PARALLELS ARE STRIKING".


“Electoral manipulation” was/is openly/officially charged against Putin/Russia and Wikileaks that may be questionable at least, but the most manipulative and subversive was our own MSM media & for-rent-cheap network talking-heads, FBI Director James Comey’s utter lack of good judgment (or crime & complicity), electronic voting-machine fraud/manipulations, organized voter intimidation/repression & lack of services.
Add to that list overt subversion of our politics, Congress, and elections, for decades, from Israel, Netanyahu, and the US pro-Israeli/Zionist lobby that shouldn’t be tolerated!


I wanna cry when I think about what should have been. But Bernie is right. We cannot run and hide.what I don’t get is why the party is not doing more for Campbell in Louisiana. We could actually win that seat. Everybody needs to contact the DNC, MoveOn, Flipped, etc. And tell them to get the ground game going.


I am in complete agreement.

I haven’t watched television in years but when I called to cancel my subscription to the NYTs (it cannot be canceled online, you have to call), they wanted to know why. I told them they lacked journalistic integrity and I no longer found them to be a credible source of information. They offered reduction upon reduction in the subscription price to get me to come back. I refuse to. They do not deserve my money. I’m sure their credibility was questionable before that but until the egregious suppression and misrepresentation apparent during the primary season, I thought there was at least some useful information to be found there. Anything useful isn’t worth the lies.


“It would be a tragic mistake to believe that everybody who voted for Donald Trump is a ‘deplorable.’ They’re not. These are people who are disgusted, and they are angry at the establishment. And the Democratic Party has not been clear enough, in my view, about telling those people … that we are on their side.” Frankly, we are giving Trump voters far, far, far too much consideration Bernie. The vast majority of Trump voters were very likely the same right-wing republicans who voted for Romney, McCain, and Bush in previous elections while a very small percentage very likely consisted of disaffected independents who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. Let’s just drop all this bullshit analysis regarding how “angry and disgusted” Trump voters are. They are fully responsible for voting for this crook and we should have NO sympathy whatsoever for them!


"But to talk about why the middle class is in decline or why we have massive levels of income and wealth inequality can’t be done in 12 seconds. And second of all, it’s not something that they are, frankly, terribly interested in.” That is putting it very, very mildly Bernie. It was obvious during the primaries that the corporate media had absolutely no interest in providing a platform for socialist policies like increased taxes on the wealthy and corporations, increased regulation of Wall Street, free national healthcare and college education. ALL of these things are anathema to the maximization of profit and the unhindered pillaging of the public which are the main goals of a vast majority of the capitalists.


President Trump or President Sanders.
What a different world we would have, what a difference one person can make.
No thanks to the MSM and the DNC.


“Sanders was on for many hours during numerous debates.” There were many Democratic Party debates in 2008, not 2016. This was one of the many arguments against Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC.


Lots of blame thrown around here and on other sites. Jill Stein’s withdrawal in Pennsylvania will only increase the heat, I’m sure. However, as of this evening, 2.6 million votes separates Clinton v. Trump. That’s going to increase slightly, too. Forget the Presidency for a minute and think about those votes and the U.S. Senate. We can get rid of Trump in 4 years but the possible SCOTUS Republican appointments will cripple progressive policies for decades. It may well bring down this country’s weakening legal system because the 46% ( Trump voters ) will keep shrinking but the 54% ( other voters ) will keep growing. This tyranny of the minority is no small thing because children in grade school now will be working and voting in 12 short years, or less. And, most of these children are viewed by the 46%ers as " the others ". Not only very sad but very dangerous short-term thinking; driven by panic, mostly. But, that won’t matter.

This is exactly who Republicans targeted with their crooked voter suppression and byzantine state election rules. When this overt discrimination in voting, workplace equality, etc. is set in stone by the highest courts and enforced by the highest law enforcement officials; watch out, America. All hell will likely break out. " The center will not hold "… Indeed, it will most likely crumble under the weight of its own corrupt, fossilized and inept history of legalized discrimination by elites of all stripes. But not without causing lots of casualties and long-lasting damage. And, as of now not much can be done about it, imo. The Dimocrats are spineless, here. What else is new, really?
Bernie says what exactly on this obvious result? Do I hear crickets…, Bernie? Why didn’t you support Stein’s efforts and also raise some dough for her? Duck and cover perhaps, Bernie? Where’s the statesmanship, Bernie?
Cornell West may be right, afterall.

Yeah, I saw this months ago… and stopped watching even MSNBC… they were also complicit in just covering Trump… and a bit of Hillary… when I didn’t even want to hear Trumps name… and would have appreciated some coverage on Stein… but no… didn’t happen… so I quit watching … because I didn’t want to puke…

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