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How the Media Will Pick the Next Democratic Presidential Candidate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/24/how-media-will-pick-next-democratic-presidential-candidate

So why doesn’t congress changes the rules on elections. Shorten it to 6 months which is still much longer than most nations. Outlaw Citizens United and get money out of politics. Are our congressional people just politicians and really not that smart?

Media needs to be broken up big time. A small few own most of media local and nationally. They can’t own crossover like print and televised and radio and tv. We need a media that works for we the people not the corporate world.

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I disagree with this article. Warren and Sanders are not options for the MSM. They have been directed by their corporate sponsors to ensure that anyone can win… as long as it is NOT Sanders or Warren. If more money is required to reach this goal, corporate America will pay it. Beating Trump is not a priority to corporate America. Making sure that Sanders or Warren loses is the only priority that matters. Trump or Biden or Buttigieg are all acceptable because each of those candidates rely on corporate sponsorship to run.

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Ellis sez:
“Polls are the MRIs of ‘electability’ and provide pseudo-scientific precision to forecasting future outcomes.”

As long as we’re playing Fun With Acronyms, one might, conversely, view polls as the IEDs of “electability”.

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Why is this article blocked by Common Dreams now? Who is censoring this?