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How the Military-Industrial Complex Preys on the Troops


How the Military-Industrial Complex Preys on the Troops

William Hartung

How taxpayers are really just supporting the CEOs of arms manufacturers and Defense Department contractors


MOMS are more important than BOMBS!

“Moratorium On Military Spending” now!

Call your Congress Representatives and Senators and tell them to rescind the $700 Billion designated for Bombs and Bullets and Death and Human Suffering, and legislate that money for Infrastructure and Medicine and Education.


C’mon, we got to go fight them over there lest they come over here and fall into our potholes and sue us.


Absolutely correct, PonyBoy! The present and proposed spending for ostensible “Defense” spending is slowly, but surely, destroying this nation in so many ways, at so many levels. This is our biggest threat, equal to, and inextricably bound up with, the effects of Climate Change. The “terrorism” that we have been brainwashed into fearing, doesn’t even come close! North Korea, Iran, ISIS, et al, are not, and never have been, an existential threat to us. The constant stoking of the fear of them is only a convenient tool used to convince the public to keep on stuffing the maw of the MIC monster with our dollars that should be spent on truly important things.

The insatiable greed of "Defense Contractors and their overpaid lobbyists have skewed our economy, and corrupted our Congress, and contributed greatly to income inequality, as well as
environmental damage and global warming. We have lost the ability to engage in productive and rational diplomacy.

I could go on and on and on listing the deleterious effects on our nation and our society, for this level of overspending, waste, and greed can, and does, affect every aspect of our lives. This is not sustainable, smart, or moral.


Aw gawd…whatz to be said in the face of such blatant corruption and murder? “Yay! Ahma US taxpayer ‘n’ aa luv ma flag. Fwee need to envide anuther cuntry then git at her. Support the boys, fuck the girls. Yay U.S.A. Bomb 'em all. Scrape up the meat. Our swamp denizen the President is feeling hongry. Salute that flag while yer at it.” Goddammit…USA, possibly the worst nation ever spewed upon Earth.


Not to mention a twentyfold increase in US border patrol personnel and facilities on the Canadian border during the past decade (cost probably not even included in the military budget).

Makes me feel secure that the fortified border will assure that single payer medical insurance will never invade from the north.


Scotland is looking better all the time.

Well spoken Nighthawk.


Thanks, PonyBoy. Indeed Scotland and several other places are looking better all the time. If I can just hit the lottery I’m outta here.


All of which is nothing new.  The very term “Pork Barrel” was coined during our civil war to describe how profit­eering contractors got rich by providing the military with sub-standard supplies while government regulators got paid to look the other way.  The only difference today is that instead of a few thousand dollars worth of rotting meat or non-functional rifles it’s a few billion dollars worth of showers that electrocute the troops and aircraft that barely fly.  Cheney & Prince got rich from the war in Iraq, and in the past dozen years it’s gotten worse,
not better.


Good article by Mr. Hartung, but only corroborates what most progressives have known for a long time. So my question: how can we stop this Frankenstein, MIC, whose M. O. is brainwashing the American people with: ENDLESS ENEMIES; FOR ENDLESS WARS; FOR ENDLESS WAR PROFITS?


It comes down to investors in the M/I/I Complex. Without them, these corporations would not be able to glom tax dollars.



The military is the biggest contributor of US’s greenhouse gasses and toxins from manufacturing weapons systems. The 1,000,000 lb elephant never mentioned when discussing global poisoning/warming. We could fund a big part of healthcare with just the $70+billion increase this year alone not to mention the money never seen, but spent, going to secret actions and missions of all kinds. The new nuclear upgrade instituted by hopey, changy, Nobel Peace Prize Obama, continued by Trump, adds another $trillion+ that adds another 70+ years into the future of servitude of all children born after we all die. We can do better and save our service personnel much anguish by being sensible with forethought on needed weapons systems and, perhaps, ending the endless wars and not starting any in the future.


Mr. Hartung, this piece hardly scratches the surface of the true nature of this empire.

For example: all the money going to PACS and lobbying by the arms firms to bribe the politicians. That originated as OUR tax dollars. Not wealthy individuals or (non-defense) corporations mind you, because they just want to use our military, not pay for it.

Take the Osprey aircraft - please. If I was a grunt jarhead, I’d update my will every time they forced me to board one of those deathtraps. Same for the B-1 bomber.

Knowing the American penchant among the brass and political hogs for gadgets, electronic and otherwise, again if I were a grunt in any branch I’d be shitting my pants at the possibility of my command and control surviving an initial encounter with any military force other than the failed-state regimes the US has abused so far.

If a conflict between US forces and say Russian or Chinese forces erupted, all that utter bullshit about “the greatest military in the world” would be swept away more quickly than so much gun smoke in a category 4 hurricane.

Those are my thoughts elicited by your headline How the Military-Industrial Complex Preys on the Troops.


The photograph accompanying this piece; all that is missing is the fencing and chutes - hamburger on the hoof. In camo, no less.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m no militarist. I hate war, because it personifies all the worst of what humanity still has not risen above. War is failure. It represents our cruel and violent origins. In no aspect whatsoever - pragmatic, economic, religious, or political - is war a part of a sustainable human future.


American freedom and its treasury bled dry, so extensive is the theft as to be beyond unbelievable. The pushback nearly nonexistant. The destruction of our nations remaining democratic ideals as planned. Whose interests are being served? New World Order or bust.


People who support both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both whine that our taxes would go way up if we tried to give the amerikan people single payer healthcare and K-Phd government paid education, and that is very true our taxes as they are now would go through the stratosphere. But think of it this way, should the amerikan people demand that their representatives cut the militarys spending by 60% we would be able to pay for single payer and government paid higher education while still having the largest financially supported military in the world without the need for a raise in our taxes.


As the widow of a career USAF Officer, I must agree. Case in point right now, nobody took care of those 4 marines killed in West Africa. There was no support for them at all.