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How the OAS and US Just Helped Overthrow Another Government

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/13/how-oas-and-us-just-helped-overthrow-another-government

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Now THIS is an article. Much better than the Vijay Prashad article. If you don’t see the hand of the CIA in this coup, you’re not paying attention. I weep once again for Latin America, as I did during the Raygun regime. Kill the Empire. Let’s get back to democracy.


I am sure more then a few that will insist that the US played no role here and this was a spontaneous reaction on the part of “Outraged lovers of Democracy fighting Tyrants” by the peoples of Bolivia.

They will repeat vebatim what News papers like the New York Times report and claim anything reported on by other outlets that is contrary to this scenario as being unreliable.

The Old Soviet Press never had it this good.

Now before we suddenly get 20 new screen names appear here all claiming to be Democracy loving Citizens of Bolivia here to set the record straight on the tyranny that was Morales, don’t bother.


A President Sanders would be the ONLY real antidote to American Imperialism Syndrome. Every other announced candidate would only be a tool of the oligarchy, all totally bought-and-paid-for by the elites. This has everything to do with Bolivia having half the World’s known reserves of Lithium, don’t fall for any other of the PTB lies.


Another day another reason to be shamed of being Amerikan…


Because intelligent reasoning and civil debate is discounted by the oligarchs, I’m afraid that a violent overthrow of the U.S. corporate puppet master will eventually have to materialize or else the planet is doomed.

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Should you believe the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington DC, or an actual leftist member of the former Morales Government in La Paz?

If the US-Code-Pink-left reject the findings of the OAS conclusions on vote rigging in the recent Bolivian election, do they also reject the findings of the OAS conclusions on vote rigging in the 2017 Honduran Election by the right-wing Juan Orlando Hernandez?

If they reject the findings of one OAS election investigation and not the other, what is their basis?

Even “to avoid violence” is understatement here. Morales stepped down essentially at gunpoint. He has accepted asylum in Mexico and formally thanked Obrador for saving his life.


You link to a debate clearly won by Kevin Young. Read before you post.

I reject the OAS, period.

One of their current initiatives is to stop Cuba from sending doctors where they are badly needed on the basis of that being human trafficking. So 50,000 highly qualified doctors placed at low cost in over 60 countries are somehow construed as slaves? And the flap began with Bolsonaro not wanting to support Cuba in any way, even though Brazil is woefully under-served by doctors in rural and poor urban areas. That’s your OAS, working hand-in-hand with right wing loons to undercut a program benefiting both Cuba and 67 countries.


Didn’t Trump say he would stop the regime change programs?

The new Bolivian screen names are popping up all over the damn place, Suspira. Seems profoundly suspicious to me!

As a duffer, I’ve seen this so many times now. It’s never a coup, not according to the NYT. I can remember telling my friends that Honduras just had a (US-sponsored, as always) coup when Manuel Zelaya was ousted by the usual bunch of generals and bankers. My friends were confident, from their well-informed status as NYT-readers, that I was nuts.


This is the link contained in the article as to why they reject the OAS finding in the case of Bolivia.