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How the Obama Administration Laid the Groundwork for Trump's Coming Crackdown on the Press


How the Obama Administration Laid the Groundwork for Trump's Coming Crackdown on the Press

Trevor Timm

In the summer of 2009, less than a year after President Obama took office, one of the first orders of business for the newly empaneled Senate Judiciary Committee was passing a long-stalled federal ‘media shield’ bill, which would finally provide a uniform level of protection to reporters who get subpoenaed to testify against their sources in court.


One instance and example in a long list of reform or progressive betrayals by the last con artist that surely laid the foundations for the new. Elected on progressive rhetoric and issues Obama began his "about face" immediately to secure his true "legacy"..................with Democrats like Obama, who needs R'Cons?


Just found out that Obama has decided to keep the Senate torture report secret for 12 years. His mission protecting Bush Administration officials and ultimately himself is complete. What a fine legacy!


A book could be written about how "the most transparent administration in history" became the least.

Obama letting General Btrayus off the hook, followed by Trump consider Betrayus for a cabinet appointment says it all.


If you want to see how the Fourth Reich has been created and nurtured, read German history from the end of WW-I through WW-II. Also, read about Operation Paperclip. That will help your understanding as to how it came about here in the "Land of the fee and home of the grave."


Except we don't know yet that Trump will crack down. But we do know of the damage Obama caused. And still causes, with the White House, Congress, and their media mouthpieces smearing journalism which falls outside the Washington press corps.


if Trump cracks down on the media that is Anti trump there really nothing substantive that happnes in the way of change. The free and independent media is not lost because it is not there.

It akin to a ruthless dictator taking over power from a dictator before him and getting rid of all the people in the media that were loyal to that dictator before him.

These jouranlists have to face up to the facts. The mainstream media is not independent and does not act as a check on Government. it has been this way for decades and it matters not who is in power.


so... the truth shall set you free... don't work? oh it means if we cant beat em join em? Scary when you're right and the laws are wrong. Dear God you promised you would speak for us when challenged by sin If I die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take Amen


I don't get it. President 0bama seems to have done more than 'laid the groundwork' for cracking down on the press. He thwarted a bi-partisan bill that would have protected the press. His justice department prosecuted whistle blowers. At the same time his administration was listening in on the heads of state of our allies , collecting phone records, and claiming that the government can pretty well do whatever it wants in the name of 'national security'. And yet the target of this article is Donald Trump. I am no fan of Trump but I don't see how he could be more sneaky and less transparent than the Obama administration.


If there is a silver lining it will be more obvious under him. Still though never underestimate the depths an administration can take.


Believe me, I used to be the most naive 50 something in the world. But something awoke in me when Bush decided to invade Iraq. It was so illogical to move the inspectors out and Colin Powell's smoking gun evidence was laughable, even to me. I now don't believe anything our federal government puts out. It is all propaganda and manipulation disseminated by the mainstream media.

It's impossible to respect a government which disrespects its people so thoroughly. We are puppets being jerked around this way and that. It is not pleasant to exchange my naïveté for cynicism but one can't go back to sleep when once awakened.


The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it. ~George Bernard Shaw

When it comes to our corporate-controlled government, healthy cynicism is a very good thing. Ignorance may well be bliss, but only for those who maintain it. The trick is balancing the cynicism with finding happiness. We are in very dark times, where naivete can get you, your family and entire community in big trouble. Taking in and understanding the depths of the troubles neoliberal/conservative policies have created in the US (and just about everywhere else) is mindblowing and can emotionally incapacitate a soul, but is necessary in claiming the empowerment and free agency to become part of the solution. Self-empowerment is a far better feeling than naive belief or ignorance, willful or inculcated.

It can be difficult to avoid the feeling of being alone in the discovery that much of what you know and believe about the US state is nothing more than myth or an outright pack of lies. A lot of folks reporting and commenting on this site are organizers and activists who have also gone through a period of waking up to the reality oppressed communities have experienced for centuries at the hand of the US state at home and abroad, from individuals to nation-states. You are in good company on these pages. We represent the millions of very angry Americans just itching to establish the democracy our founding myths support and which we were promised. But until that day arrives, we keep fighting. I avoid mainstream news like the plague and make sure I have at least one good belly laugh a day.


Dear Laura, Thank you for your response to my post. You beautifully describe the sad state of affairs in our country. Be assured that as cynical as I have become, I cannot escape my innate tendency toward happiness and am able to compartmentalize the unpleasant reality and live in the unreal world without going crazy. I am a peace vigiler every Saturday on our town square and have a solid group of like minded people. And even better a 3 1/2 year old grandson whom we mind every weekday who keeps us laughing and entranced, though I do wonder apprehensively about what the world will be like when he is old enough to understand it. Peace to you and to all people like us who live on the alternate planet of Truth. Jackie Cleary


I am so glad to know you're not alone in this but are also in very good company locally. Good luck!


I'm proud of you for awakening. I know its rough awakening but its a rough world. Its so rough that it woke you up from your slumber. I can certainly empathize. I got smacked in the face by reality about 25 years ago when I got submerged in black communities in central Arkansas. At that time, I also got in touch with my own American Indian heritage and learned about the reservation life of the people from so-called federally recognized tribes. Currently, I work in a public health dept. My job is my activism, well mostly anyway.