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How the Pentagon Devours the Budget


How the Pentagon Devours the Budget

William Hartung

Imagine for a moment a scheme in which American taxpayers were taken to the cleaners to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars and there was barely a hint of criticism or outrage. Imagine as well that the White House and a majority of the politicians in Washington, no matter the party, acquiesced in the arrangement. In fact, the annual quest to boost Pentagon spending into the stratosphere regularly follows that very scenario, assisted by predictions of imminent doom from industr



The reality that military spending actually consumes most of our tax money, & that our system has no effective means to reduce or even control that spending, tells the tale. We live in a Military Dictatorship…Congress, the Presidency, etc. are just window dressing.


I think Eisenhower gets more credit for this speech than is deserved. He’s right, but why wait until you’re headed out the door. I would respect him a lot more if he had exposed and resisted this throughout his term.


While Hartung rightfully attributes military spending to both factions of the Duopoly, he skates around the central problem. Certainly there is waste/bloat, etc. But the central problem is that the purpose of the U.S. military and its many governmental and corporate “partners” is to exert military and economic hegemony across the globe. Sanders, and other U.S. “progressives” argue for a more efficient military, but refuse to look at the capitalist empire based in the U.S. as the central problem. Too many Vermont F-35 jobs to protect. All politics is local, but not.


I agree- Ike should have done more than just warn us…


Seems it has been devouring a lot more than the budget!



The Pentagon’s budget, and not the Iran nuclear agreement, is the worse deal ever!
Get ready to go broke!