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How the Richest 1 Percent Came Out Big Winners in the Covid Relief Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/25/how-richest-1-percent-came-out-big-winners-covid-relief-bill


Really what do you expect when the guiding principle of these people is humans are intrinsically evil.

“To the Rich go the Spoils.” That’s one prevailing myth .

You can never change the behaviours of these people without changing the sponsoring belief system .
Beliefs create Behaviours

Come on people, time to challenge the Culture the myths and fallacies.


Orange Donnie, the toilet floater man didn’t want $2000 check for everybody, he wanted to throw a monkey wrench into the works so poor folks got nothing for Christmas, nothing but more pain and suffering. He’s gloating, as any good Sociopath would. He succeeded admiralty. If ordinary people wanted to try and stop Orange Turd from exploiting them by voting him out of office they had to be punished, obviously. A little conniving with a toady or two in the Re-RatF*uck-lican Senate, and Viola, the deed was done. Santa Claus shot down for the Americans who need help most.


Robert Reich is a fraud.

He is telling us that the republicans are the only problem when the democrats

supported the same legislation.

Of course, if he is admitting that the democrats are really just members of the republican

party - which they are - then he would be revealing that he is in on the scam and that

kind of honesty is a danger to his lack of integrity.


The Democrats voted FOR this. They knew full well what the bill entailed.

Reich is a neo-liberal. He gives speeches to Companies speaking about the benefits to be had by outsourcing jobs at the same time he suggests that US workers need to better their educations in order to gain those same jobs.

He very much like Solomon who acts to sheepdog the left into voting Democrat then pretends he does not support the Policies of the democrats.


Here is reich claiming outsourcing is not an issue and all that the US has to do is better educate its workers. This is nonsense. All Countries can better educate their workers. If you have a person with the same level of education in India as a worker in the USA and that person in India works for half the wage, why would a company give that job to an American?

Here is Mr Reich contradicting himself as to the nature of outsourced jobs.


He suggests US workers have to work for less in order to keep their jobs.

This guy changes his tune dependent on who he is speaking to.

This guy pushed NAFTA and other such free trade deals claiming that US workers could prosper from it by increasing their educations. He claimed “muscle” type jobs a thing of the past and that the US worker had to use what was between their ears to prosper. NAFTA killed unions which this guy said would not happen even as he claims more workers have to unionize. He is all over the place!

The one percent is making a killing due to the neo-liberal policies promoted by Reich and the Clinton administration in the 1990s. This helped to kill unions and put US workers in direct competition with foreign workers. the theory behind this nonsense was fundamentally racist as it was suggested workers in places like China and India could not compete with the US when it came to “educated” workers and hi tech.

Chinese people and Indian people are just as smart as white people.


These are the RULES of the … CURRENT … Game !!

Reich is almost always behind the curve - telling us things we have long known.

It takes two to tango.

If you don’t mention duopoly or corruption in an article like this, what good are you?

What are you trying to say? What is your point, Robert?