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How the Right Rigs Elections

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/23/how-right-rigs-elections

Terrorizing the population by creating fear, and distrust is all the GOP can muster knowing their grip on power is not only slipping away, but falling away like a landslide.


I will be voting in person this November, and any member of Trump’s fascist Freikorps brigade stupid enough to harass me at the polls will receive a right proper thrashing with my cane.


PB, I’m not so sure. A bully is a bully whether he’s on top or at the bottom. These guys are amping up to give us the Fourth Reich. And they’re all in on it, acting as though they know no history.

We already know not a one of those Christian folks has a conscience.

Unfortunately, the GOP is consolidating power, NOT letting it slip away.  The Senate, The Attorney General, numerous Federal judgeships, and soon the Supreme Court . . .

1984 . . .     Here At Last!!!

Voting is the easy part, Jim, and it’s been a joke for decades.  How long has it been since the Duopoly allowed a non-Korporate stooge to stand for election to ANY office more important than local dog-catcher?  It is NOT just the utterly corrupt 'Poop-Lickens — the DimWit-Rats are just as bad (but not quite so blatant about it).