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How the Russia Spin Got So Much Torque

How the Russia Spin Got So Much Torque

Norman Solomon

A new book about Hillary Clinton’s last campaign for president—“Shattered,” by journalists Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes—has gotten a lot of publicity since it appeared two weeks ago. But major media have ignored a revealing passage near the end of the book.


Yes, it’s true that “Given Trump’s obedience to Vladimir Putin" should have had a qualifier in front of “obedience,” but the secrecy surrounding Trump’s finances and his obvious continuation of supporting his business interests as President easily leads one to assume the worst. Also, deciding to place the blame for the election loss with Russian hacking makes some sense. Alienating Comey and the FBI by placing the blame with them could prove to be counter-productive to democratic party interests.

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Proof Positive, from Norman Solomon, that the Dem Party is irredeemable, and that MSNBC is their Arm.

Thank you, Dem Leadership, for HANDING the Presidency to Donald Trump, and DEPRIVING Our Nation of Bernie Sanders.


Every voting member of the public understands that the democratic party has been intellectually dead and moral bankrupt for years. The corrupt insiders running the party think a new coat of paint will do the trick and well, things will be perfect. Of course, this strategy has failed miserably and one need only look at the failed unity tour where Perez is literally booed off the stage and Bernie can barely stand being on the stage with this stooge. It is painful to watch

It is over for the current democratic party and the sooner we accept this, the quicker we can all move on to more productive activities. Maybe one could rebuild the democratic party along sound policy initiatives (don’t hold your breath) or perhaps it is time to build a new party. Sanders is the linch pin and where he goes, so does a significant portion of the electorate.


As I read Mr. Solomon’s excellent article I couldn’t help but think of our two famous posters here on Common Dreams. You know, Hillary’s apologists. I expect them to be checking in soon to attempt to control and spin Mr. Solomon’s article to HRC’s advantage.

Wait for it…


Let us hope that you never get called for jury duty.


The Hillary track record of deflecting blame for her own incompetence speaks for itself.

It was her turn.

To run an inept campaign, totally miss the outsider zeitgeist, and then make excuses.
In this case, she hadn’t lost yet and was already blaming Bernie Bros.

I’ll repeat this for the benefit of our resident Hillary dead-enders: in all three campaigns she’s run, she has never gone up in polling.


Dumb comment. Let other nations have their own investigations. So, is your idea to have one super committee to investigate endlessly or to have dozens of separate committees investigating for a long time? Do you think Congress has nothing better to do? Do you not care how involved Russia or some other nation works to influence future elections? I’m simply astounded by your thinking.

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“The Russians Ate My Homework” idea does have one very large benefit as far as the Democratic Party is concerned. It absolves them of any responsibility for Hillary’s defeat…ergo, there is no reason for them to change a damned thing. :confused:


Or… that maybe Clinton and the Democrats suck so bad, that they lost. Could be that.


Or… it wasn’t Russia. Still not sure how they hacked the electoral college


Let’s hope you don’t get meth planted in your luggge while staying at the brand new Trump Towers in Manila. Unless, of course, you’re completely innocent and a good friend of Ivanka & Co.

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48.3% + 5.6% =s 53.9% Maybe those 5.6% who didn’t vote for Trump just sucked, too. Maybe everything just sucks, like the old 60s saw, "There is no gravity, the earth sucks ".
If you’re stupid enough to keep saying the Trumpster Bunch doesn’t suck bigly, then about 60-65% of America thinks your prescriptions for what ails this country, sucks. Just having to say to you; just sayin’, sucks. Can we agree the Solid South and The Rust Belt white racists and fundie/evangelicals just suck?
Happy May Day from a West Coast Stein voter and Bernie Sanders supporter. The weather here today just sucks. I’ll still be marching downtown today.
Which doesn’t suck.

I never said the trump voters sucked or didn’t suck. I don’t comment on them. I comment on the Dems because I used to be one. I wished Bernie didn’t get screwed out of the nomination. HRC was the worst person to be propped up to represent Dems who are more in the FDR camp. But for the current corporate democrats, she is perfect, which is why she and the rest of the dems got wiped out.



'I’ll repeat this for the benefit of our resident Hillary dead-enders: in all three campaigns she’s run, she has never gone up in polling.’

How could all those supersmart liberal wonks in the DLC not know this?

In retrospect, it’s actually bizarre that a party seeking to win the presidency would nominate Hillary.

And notice how the Dems aren’t putting up even token resistance to the Trump agenda?

In recent days, I find myself asking this question: Maybe the plan was for Hillary to loose all along? The Deep State seems perfectly happy with Trump as POTUS.

This might seem far-fetched, but no less so than the whole Russia buswah.


Not sure the D-Party wanted to lose all along, but I’m certain of this:

They were playing with fire nominating Hillary, and only hubris or stupidity can explain that.
The donations will pour in no matter what.
They’ll blame liberal DFHs for every political defeat.


Well, your post is “far-fetched.” What in heck does “And notice how the Dems aren’t putting up even token resistance to the Trump agenda?” mean??? What planet are you living on?

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Well, let’s just say that you and I do not see reality in the same way.

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I’ll just say this. The democratic party is not as progressive as we would like. The alternative is to try to get the green party to 3% while enabling the republicans. The democrats have slowly moved a lot of good things in the correct and decent direction.


Please enlighten me regarding the specific acts of resistance committed by the Democrats. A numbered list would be good.