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How the Super-Rich Will Destroy Themselves


How the Super-Rich Will Destroy Themselves

Paul Buchheit

Perhaps they believe that their underground survival bunkers with bullet-resistant doors and geothermal power and anti-chemical air filters and infrared surveillance devices and pepper spray detonators will sustain them for two or three generations.


Point 3 should be expanded to refer to global warming--which has a number of different effects, not just drought (and resulting wildfires). Given what's occurring in the Arctic, Greenland, and Antarctica, there's the possibility that global warming will begin "feeding on itself"--i.e., that "runaway" will occur. That implies that the various effects of global warming will intensify, and that this "gift that keeps on giving" will be beyond our control. At least one climate scientist believes (as of 2013) that "runaway" is occurring now!
The science behind global warming goes back to the 1890s. Had the super rich learned about this decades ago and insisted that governments address the problem, there might be hope for the future. As it is, however, there is little reason for hope for ANY of us!


The super rich couldn't catch a fish (with all of its deformities...) if they tried. Pacha Mama has them in her sight, let's hope she'll give them what they deserve.


I'm not sure if there was a reason for the order (1-5) in which Mr. Buchheit listed these potential threats.

On #1, the Pandemic, I'm not sure that reliance on vaccines is the best way to go. Chemicals got "us" into the mess and I am not convinced that chemicals will get us out.

How long did it take for the U.S. MIC to admit to such a thing as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? How long did it take to admit the link between the Agent Orange so profusely sprayed over Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and the ensuing Cancers? How long before Big Tobacco admitted its link to Cancer, or the mass media (given all its auto advertisements and corporate ties to Big Oil =) broach the topic of global warming as a result of Western industrial habits and energy usage?

There are LOTS of problems with vaccines. Let's not pretend they represent a panacea.

Also, I find it interesting that #3 mentions drought--which of course is a serious threat to people living downstream from disappearing glaciers. For generations, the spring melt water filled local rivers and streams. I witnessed the receding glaciers in Peru several years ago.

There are giant sinkholes spontaneously opening in strange places--like along busy streets, and in other areas, entire lakes and ponds disappear in the blink of an eye to other sinkholes.

There are fierce storms popping up and mostly impacting islands and those who live along shorelines. Millions are impacted.

The fires out west and in Canada are severe, and the heat the giant fires generate contributes to global warming.

Climate SYSTEMS are coming apart which means the threat goes way beyond droughts... although water is of course essential to all living beings.

I totally agree with Mr. Buchheit's contention that there is no place to hide. I also believe in the law of karma which suggests that unless someone is a sociopath, their own conscience will haunt them wherever they go if they live richly at the direct expense of someone else. Needless to say, Shock Doctrine Capitalism makes THAT a given.

The global economy is a farce, a giant circus tent held up by smoke, mirrors, and warfare. But it will collapse.

Nature's systems are so out of balance that collapse isn't just imminent, it's breaking out all over.

And then there are the weapons, the understandable levels of anger, and lots of people who have been encouraged to take out their wrath on people who don't look (or believe) the way they do.

Welcome to the cauldron....

And watch for falling debris.

On the plus side, the Phoenix can only rise once the ashes of its past are burnt away.


Money is both a religion and a game. When inequality becomes even greater, 99% will wake up to that fact, stop believing, and stop playing.


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The super rich have never self regulated, so the only way to change their behavior is another New Deal. FDR's New Deal was one of the few examples in human history where the super rich were controlled, at least to some degree.


Thank you, how will they destroy themselves?
The big question for me has always been, if they do these things and don't care who they kill, what is their plan for survival, even if we are wiped out? The elite are either short sighted or they have a plan. Some in bunkers, some off planet maybe? Do they really think climate change won't effect them and theirs?
When they know what they are doing is unsustainable how do they plan on sustaining their own level of existence?
Sooner or later they have to drive on the same dilapidated bridges we do and eat the same tainted fish and GMO's that will eventually take over the organic crops from cross contamination. It is a pathology, a sickness caused by group think among themselves that somehow they will be left on top of the heap. They are not tethered to reality and become very easily convinced of their own superiority.
Clinton is a good example of someone completely consumed with her own illusions of grandeur.
Civilizations have come and gone on this planet and the elite have never survived them. How sick they must be to think they will in this one.


How will they?


I found your reference to "off planet" amusing. As though these pampered rich fools could ever survive the colonization of another, much more hostile planet—they would have to bring multitudes of slaves with them to build their new world, and that would just start the whole thing all over again.


Thanks for posting Next Floor. A fascinating film. It will hasten my journey to complete vegetarianism.

After the second crashing descent I thought it more likely that these gluttonous creatures would flee to their individual fortresses to dine alone, thereby putting less weight and stress on the supporting floor.

But, of course, then they'd be alone, without wealthy company to reinforce their sense of superiority.

The descent might take a little longer then, into boredom and madness.


Super-money-addicts is the better term. And, like all addicts, they cannot control their perpetual need for more. It's nothing less than an act of collective self-defense to do whatever we have to to do to keep said money-addicts as far away from their 'drug' as possible or, as PB said, they'll overdose and kill us all.


"Amidst all the talk of unity and prayer and peace, a solution exists: job opportunities and affordable housing. The super-rich could prolong life for all of us, including themselves, if they recognized the need to support a strong society. If not, they'll be ensconced in their bunkers with their children at their sides, with nowhere to go and nothing to do."

Great article, but if we leave these solutions up to the super-rich, we may be disappointed. Again:

"People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage. John Galbraith (1908 -)"


My thinking exactly. The fear I have is that they'll create an epidemic with MANDATORY vaccinations -- which will be more deadly than any flu or anything else. They seem to want us all dead. And you are right, chemical got us into such a mess. People in this country are suffering in masses from digestive distress and disorders probably from chemical toxins and GMOs.


I laughed out loud at your response and you are probably right unless they are way ahead of what they are telling us, doubtful. But you have to admit there's a major blind spot then, because they sure don't seem very concerned about THE major threat to our civilization.


Also, ocean acidification - on its own, and as only one of the results of increased atmospheric carbon - may wipe out most life on Earth.


Sure, the rich might eat their own tail eventually. But we working class schlubs will be extinct long before that.


With the northward migration of the zero dgree isotherm and relase of methane from previously frozen tundra, the runaway has already started. It will be exponential; we are merely on the lower part of the curve at present.


"There are LOTS of problems with vaccines. Let's not pretend they represent a panacea."

However, were I given the choice of between being infected by smallpox and other such harmonising devices, I would take my chances with a vaccines. I have never enjoyed Nature's attempts to live in harmony with me.


Not to mention the effects of chemicals used in wars, and fracking.