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How the Toxic Trade Deal You've Never Heard Of Could Kill the Climate



Oligarchy seems to be making a push to get as much as they can while they still have the influence here at 'the end of the world'.

Things may change they fear. They are shocked that the fossil fuel industry faces expanding divestment ahead. Oligarchy is stunned that the cheapness of coal will not protect it anymore.

So they push while yet they can rig the game to get what they want rather than what the world wants and needs.

They see climate change uniting the world's peoples and they see the loss of their influence. They see progressive leaders coming to power and the windfarms of change on the horizon.

So they make a concerted effort to get what they want written in stone before democracy prevents them from doing so.


Meanwhile the media is focused on Paris "talks" while completely ignoring the Geneva meeting that is scheming to override any climate change legislation that may shake out of Paris. making the Paris "talks" irrelevant.


That is the strategy I think. A 'talk' is cheap (for them) but a trade agreement is expensive (for us).


Following the Bill Clinton tradition that fused both parties into one that's deferential to Big Business interests, Obama promised:

  1. To end the war in Iraq... but it continues on having spread to Syria and Libya

  2. To deliver health CARE to citizens when in reality, most face a virtual extortion tax dressed up as a health care "privilege"

  3. To close Guantanamo... and guess what, it's still open

More recently he appeared to block the Canadian Tar Sands pipeline and limit deep sea oil drilling licenses in the Arctic.

Unfortunately, these seeming pro-environmental moves were calculated... and THIS outlines why:

Friends of the Earth president Erich Pica:

"It is hypocritical for President Obama and other leaders of developed economies to meet in Paris to address climate change when their trade ministers are secretly crafting a Trade in Services Agreement which would undermine initiatives to cut carbon emissions....Big oil services companies, water services multinationals, tar sands pipeline companies, exporters of fossil fuels and other corporate polluters are beneficiaries of TISA."


You're very glib at cutting to the chase. You should have been an attorney.


I think what you say is true but I also think that the oligarchs know that there is already enough carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to make for a catastrophic future and they are getting all they can, when they can, to prepare for the end game. One thing they aren't is stupid and so they know as much as anyone what is already baked into the future and is going to come to pass regardless of what is done in Paris.


People believe their own delusions. They kept on insisting (and believed it to be true obviously) that the golden goose would be fine until one day it was dead and then and only then did they finally admit that they should of heeded the signs of illness.


Very well put...


Yes, I agree, that is their plan... too bad it won't work for them...




No NAFTA, no IMF, no WTO.


I couldn't seen to find a link in the article to the leaked document from Wikileaks. Is CD not linking to them purposefully or is this unintentional? Or did I somehow miss it?


It's in the very first paragraph, embedded in the word "published", although when i clicked on it just now i got a 404 error message. Wait it looks like the address is messed up, let me try shortening it...

Oops, that's just the press release, not the document. Hmm...

OK it's farther down, in the paragraphs under the heading "Free Fracking Agreement". Links to the three Annexes are embedded in the titles to the Annexes.

And this is cool: Wikileaks does not load a cookie onto my computer, like virtually any other web site i ever visit does!


Meanwhile the media is busy talking about the Planned parenthood shooting and the San Bernardino shooting practically 24/7. Both the climate talks and the Trade deal talks have been put on the back burners = just what the oligarchy wants.