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"How the Trump White House Sees You": President's Economic Adviser Under Fire for Calling Workers "Human Capital Stock"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/26/how-trump-white-house-sees-you-presidents-economic-adviser-under-fire-calling


I treat my dog better than tRump and his Party are treating us Americans." Human Stock" indeed! Asshats. :poop:


How can anybody be shocked by this kind of rhetoric any longer?
This is the way the working classes have been looked (down) at in America since before the ink was dry on the Declaration of Independence.
We live in a Feudal system where the serfs drive cars and have cell phones. Yet serfs we are.


Before 1865, American insurance companies sold policies to protect “human capital stock.” But the 13th amendment abolished the practice of owning human beings. Some folks need to be reminded

The thing is: Capitalism views Life itself as “capital stock” as in money and materialism more “important” than Life. If chattel slavery was outlawed in US America (except in that infamous 13th Amendment clause allowing it in prisons) it was clearly because they figured out how to enslave everyone else. That “freedom” thing was always rather ambiguous and tenuous.

When more and workers start sickening, spreading COVID-19 and dying from it these soulless capitalists think they have a ready pool of desperate workers to fill these vacated jobs. It will be up to us how we respond whether in fear or in solidarity.


A leaked, confidential memo from Human Resources:

Please refrain, for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency, from referring to human resources as “human resources.”


This is why I’m a socialist with strong anarchist convictions.

Mr. Phillips



Kinda disingenuous here, considering the transformation from human to workplace object happened years ago. Have we forgotten already that we used to have personnel departments? Before we became “human resources”?

Let’s stop playing this stupid game of thinking that Trump invented the dehumanization of the laborer. This is a ruling class attitude. We’re assets. Property. Chattel. As much to Pelosi as to Donald.

And this has been the case since the 80s.


We have always been the “stock” in the stock market where we are supposed to gamble in hopes of gaining of the misery and job losses of others. Capitalism is a filthy monstrosity that as worsened and further unmasked by this pandemic. It is the biggest pandemic and destroyer of life on earth.


Long before the 80s --the owner class just hid it better. Lincoln recorded in his journal that many in the owner class thought, and even said when in private, that the entire working class should be enslaved.


The COVID-19 events have already served as “cover” for yet another massive transfer of monies to the rich and well-connected. Most of this has been carried out by the Federal Reserve Bank that began another method of handing over huge amounts of “created fiat money” to the rich with its “repo market” funding in September. Over the time since then the Fed has, during many weeks, handed over $500 billion twice a week, yes that is a Trillion Dollars on many weeks, to various banksters and hedge funds. Amounts of at least in the low hundreds of millions of dollars go to these parasites every week from the Fed. In addition in the past couple of months, the Fed has started bailing out other types of businesses, a completely unprecedented move. And of the monies appropriated by congress the lion’s share has gone, by hook or by crook, the the rich and well-connected too.

This amounts to something on the order of $20 - $30 trillion, handed over to the rich, since September 2019. What does the Human Capital Stock get: crashed state employment agency websites, phones that ring but are never answered, cuts to the SNAP program, children at home who need to be cared for and/or supervised, threats of loss of unemployment benefits if they do not return to unsafe workplaces, and so on. The U.S. resembles Brazil in these matters more than it resembles S. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, or Iceland.


The former working class, now the middle poor, have always been chattel to the capitalist ruling class. Now they are viewed as "useless eaters’. Their services are no longer needed.

To the host that recently joined the ranks of the middle poor: Welcome to democracy and capitalism, American Style.


Good enough for me…:))

We’re just the gravel on the road. Big pothole coming in November, boys and girls.


Coronavirus has important, urgent lessonS to teach us. The question is: are we ready yet to listen, learn and act?


From an ass hole that never “worked” in his sorry fucking life.


Note that the CNN anchor did not so much as raise an eyebrow when he referred to workers as human capital stock. In all likelihood she is of the neoliberal class of establishment Democrat supporters. That is how they see us too. We are dealing with a class of aristocratic elitists, in BOTH parties, that looks down upon us little people as the “unwashed masses” in precisely the same fashion the monarchy and the aristocracy did prior to the French Revolution. It’s going to take another revolution to set things right. This time the enemy is runaway capitalism and the self-absorbed elitist pricks who worship at its altar.


And like all livestock they dressing the “Humans” for the slaughter.

I am reminded of the old Twilight Zone episode “To serve man”.


Now, that’s funny!

Just to put all this into a larger context. I am watching A Night to Remember, a movie from 1958 about the sinking of the RMS Titanic. The movie portrays the mistreatment of the steerage (3rd class) passengers pretty accurately, with a couple of short scenes showing how they were blocked from getting up to the deck where the crew was loading the lifeboats. But a couple of other issues arise. First the movie and the book of the same name that it was based on, were written by Walter Lord, a retired CIA agent. His book, and even more so, the movie were instrumental in putting most of the blame for the massive loss of lives on Stanley Lord, the captain of the SS Californian a British cargo ship that was stopped for the night nearby.

The callousness of the capitalists who owned and operated the Titanic is pretty clear. For instance, there was Wallace Hartley, leader of the ship’s 8-piece band, the band and particularly its leader Hartley, who were lionized in the press and in official mythology for their bravery in playing until nearly the end and then perishing in the sinking. However less well known is that his family in Ireland was actually sent a bill from the White Star Line, for the cost of his uniform.

But more seriously there is a small Titanic truth movement that raises many questions about what really happened. Their assertion is that the ship that sank was actually the Titanic’s slightly older sister ship the Olympic, in a massive insurance swindle. The Olympic had been involved in a collision with a Royal Navy ship, the Hawke, that had done permanent damage to its keel. As a result the Olympic had a permanent 1 degree list, and the diary of an alert passenger noted that the “Titanic” had such a list during the maiden voyage. According to the “truth” account the Olympic would never have passed its next inspection and would have been declared a total loss. That would have been without any insurance payment, since an inquiry of the accident with the Hawke conducted by the Royal Navy, unsurprisingly found the Olympic at fault. The uncompensated loss of the Olympic would have bankrupted the White Star Line, and with it the shipyard of Harland and Wolff, according to this line of reasoning.

The Californian was sent on a trip to the U.S. carrying only 3,000 woolen sweaters and 3,000 blankets, and then oddly decided to stop overnight at what some skeptics claim was a prearranged rendezvous point. Stanley Lord was awakened several times that night by crew members of the Californian who reported that a ship in the distance was firing flares, and each time he asked the color of the flares; as if some certain color was a signal to bring the Californian over to some rendezvous, with its sweaters and blankets ready to warm survivors of the planned sinking. Furthermore, there was a coal strike on and fuel for trips across the Atlantic was hard to get. The Titanic itself was partially fueled with coal taken from other White Star ships. The fact of the coal strike adds to the anomalous nature of the decision to send the Californian across the Atlantic with nothing but the sweaters and blankets for its cargo.

J.P. Morgan, the famous American financier and railroad magnate, actually owned the White Star Line, having bought a controlling interest a few years before. He had been scheduled to take passage across the Atlantic on the Titanic, but canceled at the last moment supposedly due to ill health; and also had his precious antiques, he was taking back to the U.S., removed as well He was observed in perfect health a few days later on the French Riviera.

What does this mean for the current situation? Well the “official story” should never be taken at face value. This has been proven in the U.S. time and again, from the assassination of JFK and the other political murders of the 1960s, to the Tonkin Gulf “incident”, to the September 11, 2001 events. The “official stories” are always a pack of lies and distortions, and the callousness with which we are viewed by the rulers is nothing new.


It is also worth noting that workers’ troubles began long before Trump ascended to the presidency, and even the sainted Barack Obama pushed the idea that workers would benefit from having their Social Security cut in favor of keeping some of their tax money for use now.

" Advocacy groups have repeatedly warned that a payroll tax cut represents a sneak-attack on Social Security and Medicare that would do nothing for the unemployed."

They warn about this now, with Trump in the Oval Office, but never warned about it when Obama did exactly the same thing with his payroll tax holiday, which he characterized as “tax relief” for working people. Except that what was never mentioned was that the biggest relief was for employers who also pay into your Social Security and Medicare benefits through the payroll tax. While individuals gained a few dollars a week, employers saved millions and Social Security was starved for funds.

Both parties represent the country’s owners. No one represents the workers.