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How the U.S. Could Provoke a New Korean War


How the U.S. Could Provoke a New Korean War

Geoffrey Fattig

The bare bones of a deal with North Korea may exist, but senseless provocations could set off a conflict long before then.


The US Empire loves enemies; especially ones they can demonize like Kim Jong-un that are mentally unstable. This current frenzy of bellicosity by Trump is being orchestrated like Bush did with WMD’s. But this time North Korea does have WMD’s. And the war mongers … love it!


It also helps that such WMDs likely don’t have the capacity yet to reach the U.S. despite Kim and M$M’s rhetoric. So the warmongers in the U.S. can feel safe. Though the surrounding countries and the people living in those countries, including U.S. citizens…tough shit.


It matters not who is right, who is wrong, who saves/loses face. The hard reality is this: WE CAN NOT AFFORD ANOTHER WAR!


Nobody can afford another war! I’m a nuclear veteran and have seen what these so-called leaders and their henchmen are so casually tossing about as threats. Even a “limited nuclear exchange” will exacerbate our current climate problems to an even more critical degree. The probability of it expanding into a general nuclear war will mean the end of civilization as we know it, and probably put the capstone on the predicted mass extinction.
*And all of this, or at least most of it, is for two insane, insecure, people who are trying to prove that that their little dink is bigger than the other one’s.
*Frankly, I think that all of these two-bit “locos” should be put in rubber rooms and given soft toys to play with. Or put them all in one room and let them fight out their dreams and aggression’s with fuzz bats.
*I can see it all now. The dotard, Kim Jung Il, Netanyahu, the Saudi top dog, and, I am sure, a few others screaming and batting at each other and nobody else can even hear them, let alone care what they are doing. :wink:
*Then, We the People of the World can perhaps get back to the job of healing the world and its people. The billions and trillions being poured into the war industry could do wonders if used for the people and the world, instead of destroying them.


BUT THINK OF THE PROFITS TO BE MADE says the military industrial complex.


They can beat their swords into ploughshares. We can’t bomb our way out of the effects of Climate Change, or Financial Collapse.


Sadly I wouldn’t be surprised if many of these warmongers thought nuclear winter could cancel out climate change. And nuclear war would leave a lot less mouths to feed.