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How the United States Ultimately Talks with Its “Enemies”


How the United States Ultimately Talks with Its “Enemies”

Ann Wright

Enemies of the United States come and go, but the longer they espouse revolutionary ideals and thus defy the United States, the longer they stay enemies. Eventually, U.S. officials try other strategies, such as engagement, to undermine or win over these adversaries.


The Oilagarchy and the PNAC only recognize "Full Spectrum Domination" through military and financial means.
* Any military move on any nation means billions for the Oilagarchy's finances, no matter which side wins or loses, for the arms makers are equal opportunity destroyers. They sell their poison to all sides and rake in the loot.
* The only major fear they have is if someone commits peace. That will negatively affect their bottom line.
* I say BDS them all. It works! Just listen to Israel squeal like a stuck pig because of BDS. They are trying to get their client states like the US Fourth Reich to make any divestment of Israeli stocks, or those of supporters of the Likud regime illegal, and even outlawing criticism of Israel.
* If we Boycott every corporation that promotes or profits from war, if we Divest from all stocks and holdings of those who support war, including banks and other financial organizations, and invoke Sanctions upon all of the warmaking powers and their allies, I think seven billion people can get rid of the influence of the three or four hundred that currently own or control well over half the world and its resources for their own short term profit.
* That could be a major step toward the establishment of peace and freedom in the world. It will sure beat what is going on now.


I really liked the article. It felt unbiased and direct to the point. However I doubt that normal relations are in the cards for the North Koreas as too much is invested in the status quo.


Ann Wright has been a great voice and physical activist on so many fronts, for peace and sanity, since her principled resignation from her career in the military in 2003. She came to my community with Cindy Sheehan, and talked about the fruitless nature of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She understands the bloody losses of war, and the safe bellicose policy and platitudes of the white old guys who send the young to fight them. She also can speak truth to power about the justice due the Palestinians, from Israel and the U.S. And now, the need for peace-making in the Koreas, to end the cold war and U.S. interests keeping them hostage and afraid. Bravo, Ann Wright!