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How the US Can Prevent a Fire Like Grenfell Tower


How the US Can Prevent a Fire Like Grenfell Tower

Miriam Pierson, Sarah Edelman

At least 80 people are missing and presumed dead after a devastating fire in Grenfell Tower, a high-rise apartment building in London. It’s the deadliest fire in Britain in more than a century.


A towering inferno of inhumanity


The Grenfell Tower was a public housing (i.e. Government owned) building. Easy to see why the government is responsible for paying to insure the safety of the building. Presumably the 30 million homes in the US referred to by this article are privately owned. Other than setting and enforcing building codes, I fail to see why the US government should spend one thin dime retrofitting or renovating privately owned property. Not much you can do about owner occupied properties. But rental properties can and should be inspected and shut down for persistent violations. Make the landlords pay to have the building fixed.


Substandard housing is big business in America and the transfer of private ownershi0p to huge corporations is increasing with exploitation of the people that live in one of these homes.