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How the US Contributed to Yemen’s Crisis


How the US Contributed to Yemen’s Crisis

Stephen Zunes

As a Saudi-led military coalition continues to pound rebel targets in Yemen, the country is plunging into a humanitarian crisis. Civilian casualties are mounting.

With U.S. logistical support, the Saudis are attempting to re-instate the country’s exiled government — which enjoys the backing of the West and the Sunni Gulf monarchies — in the face of a military offensive by Houthi rebels from northern Yemen.

None of this had to be.


“It would be much too simplistic to blame the current crisis in Yemen entirely on the United States. However, one still has to wonder: If instead of allying with Saudi autocrats to install another strongman in the name of stability, Washington had supported that country’s nonviolent pro-democracy movement, what might have been?”

Because it is a lot easier to dictate to a (paid) dictator than to a democracy.


Check your history books. This is standard procedure for the U.S. Let’s face it, if there’s a corrupt, incompetent leader anywhere in the world, the U.S. government will seek him out and back him 100 percent. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Funny thing about elected US Democrats: three-fourths or more of them hate democracy.

Look how Senators Schumer & Wyden & Carden are maneuvering to destroy yet more democracy with all of Obama’s Fast Track Wall Street pandering.

Look how many speeches Hillary has given to anti-democratic corporate associations.

Look how much Obama and Kerry love “negotiating” with their terrorist partners, from Saudi Arabia to Israel to Pakistan.

There is so much anti-democracy in the Democratic Party, one wonders why they have any voters at all.