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How the War Industry Corrupts the U.S. Congress


How the War Industry Corrupts the U.S. Congress

Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J. S. Davies

Former President Jimmy Carter has called U.S. politics a system of “legalized bribery” in which powerful interests spend billions of dollars on lobbying and campaign funding to ensure that members of Congress pay more attention to them than to the general public. With the upcoming midterm elections, we will see the full force of this tsunami of cash washing over our electoral system.


How can We the People fight the War Industry?

Immediately go to your computer, start it, enter your state’s election board website and change your political party affiliation from Democrat or Republican to any other party, Independent, Green, Socialist, etc.

That’s how.


Long before former POTUS Carter reminded us of the wholesale bribery in DC, (with the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) being the biggest player in this game) POTUS Eisenhower warned us of the “growing power and influence of (what was then) the military industrial complex” during his January 1961 farewell address.


This goes far deeper than six rogue Democrats. It’s part of the party platform to vigorously support the military and be strong on defense. The party, after all, doesn’t want to appear soft on defense, something the Republicans have used against them in the past. Being soft on defense would endanger the Democratic party’s mindless obsession with swinging to the right and stealing voters from Republicans.


I thoroughly regret having ever voted for Bill Nelson-Fl in the past and I will be sending a message to his office which of course he will ignore as he has previously. His opponent Rick Scott would never get my vote, so that’s two I won’t vote for. Scott has run countless tv ads already with Nelson only a few. Two voices that amount to no viable choice. How do you turn around such an evil warmongering system that controls both sides of every election?


You know the nation is in real trouble when they no longer even try to hide their corruption.


A defense contractor buying legislation from Congress is particularly insidious because it is our tax dollars that is the source of the money. The Defense Establishment has us screwed coming and going.

Our country’s governance is dysfunctional. The reason for the dysfunction and the cure are staring us directly in the face. The problem is too much money in politics and the cure is to change Congress. Only we voters can affect the needed change and that is by getting rid of any congressmen or candidate that takes special interest money.

The most important question this midterm has got to be “do you take special interest money?”. If we could make this a single issue election on the subject of election reform we could regain control of what is supposed to be our republic. Without true election reform our future will be nothing but politics as usual.

The fundamental problems we have as a community are not being addressed. We have a Congress that simply does not have our best interests at heart in their legislative actions. Our governing system is one of legislation for sale. Only 6 of the 535 members of Congress do not take special interest money. We have had at least four decades of congressional candidates seeking special interest money, for TV ads, and sellings their souls to get it. The end result is 529 legislators doing the bidding of the 1% and the corporate and financial industries, while ignoring the needs and wants of the American People.

In most western democracies the taking of special interest money (also called bribery) by those in or seeking office lands them in jail. Here our Congress, backed by a politicized Supreme Court, has not only made the practise legal but has opened control of our electoral system to essentially unlimited amounts of money. This allows those who exercise their political influence thru our elected officials to control governmental processes in perpetuity. Money buys votes!

As sick, frustrating, and pervasive as the present rigged system is; it has an Achilles heel: That is that our elected representatives must stand for reelection every 2 or 6 years. If we would judge them on whether or not they take special interest money and favor a complete rewrite of election law we would have a Congress with a completely different set of values. This should be the overriding criterion for our votes in this year’s midterm election. It is a simple, straight forward question: “do you take special interest money”?

Reelection rates for Congressional incumbents is historically in the 90+% range despite their historic approval ratings being below 60% and currently around 17%. We voters need to somehow get past this disconnect. Any Congressman or candidate that takes special interest money is simply not worthy of our votes. We need to act accordingly. We need a movement to: CHANGE CONGRESS.