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How the West Got It Wrong as the Syrian Civil War Developed


How the West Got It Wrong as the Syrian Civil War Developed

Robert Fisk

Just before I left Syria last month, a tall and eloquent Franco-Lebanese man walked up to me in a Damascus coffee shop and introduced himself as President Bashar al-Assad’s architect. It was his task, he led me to understand, to design the reconstructed cities of Syria.


" All civil wars generate their own special propaganda."

Make that all wars. There really is no such a thing as " good guys" or “bad guys” only who gets political control of Syria. But having stated that, no matter what one thinks of Assad, he is the legitimate leader of Syria and has asked Russia for help. The US was never asked!


“The United States was never asked”

The United States was never asked to help, because the United States has such a worldwide reputation for meddling in other countries’ affairs, and toppling, or attempting to topple other governments that don’t tally up with the United States’ interests, and thereby making already-bad situations a whole lot worse. It’s high time that the United States kept its nose out of other people’s affairs and began getting its own backyard in order.


Absolutely agree!


As always, I am glad to read Robert Fisk, who knows more about the Middle East than most anyone.

This piece strikes me as seriously naive with respect to Westerners, however. I assume he describes the journalists well. But when Mrs. Clinton is talking about eliminating a foreign head of state, that has nothing to do with revolution and nothing to do with Arab Spring. She’s opting for assassination and coup d’etat, and the fate of the local peoples matters to her fiddle-dee-dee–hence the bombs, hence the drones, hence the funding for ISIS through “intelligence” and through the Sauds and probably, given Clinton’s connections and historical precedent, through a good deal of drug money and favors.

Insofar as “the West” is the political leaders and their funders, the West does not want democracy or stability in or around the oil lands. If they did, that would stop destabilizing the areas.