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How the World's Biggest Polluters are Two Trade Deals Away from Steamrolling Climate Protections


How the World's Biggest Polluters are Two Trade Deals Away from Steamrolling Climate Protections

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

When TransCanada announced at the start of the year that it that it was demanding compensation under North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) rules for the Obama administration's decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline, many observers saw it as a sign of things to come.


If We the People of the World don’t start pulling together to defeat these damned parasites, we’re fooked.

  • And that means now, not after the Toilet Paper Plan (designed to wipe us all out) and the rest of them get adopted by the bought lackeys that seem to run our destiny, at the behest of the Oilagarchy.


Too bad I can’t give you more than one vote. These trade deals should meet the dust and not be replaced by any other. Why not an “Economics of Happiness”? This will entail moving away from fossil fuel guzzling trade to localized trade and economy.


Thank you Bill Clinton by foisting the abomination of NAFTA on our country. I think of it as the gift that keeps on giving.


the gift that keeps on taking


Thanks for the link - downloaded the paper


“Free Trade” deals = Austerity Maxima


What do you get when you replace the “D” in ISDS with an “I”? And they’re both forms of terror.


His push for TPP and TTIP shows that Obama speaks with forked tongue when it comes wanting to do something about climate change.


How about we tax pollution and use all revenue from pollution tax to buy fossil fuel as mineral rights? Both tax and buy of fossil fuel as mineral rights should drive up price of fossil fuel. Eventually tax should consume its tax base as those burning fossil fuel switch to renewable energy.


Giving to the 1% at the expense of the 99%.


Obama and Trudeau make their supporters feel good by approving token environmental actions, knowing that their TPP and TTIP will enable corporations to sue for impacting potential profits, effectively nullifying those actions.


That is precisely why all of us must work on behalf of Senator Bernie Sanders. Hillary and Bill back in the People’s house is not an option!


Obama is nothing more than a “buffalo soldier” for the establishment oligarchy. We placed faith in a man who was never our friend.


Citizens and governments need to counter sue corporations for costs of climate change and air pollution and cancer rates etc.


And not a word about the contrast between Bernie Sanders and the rest of the field? Never have the American Citizens face a more critical time - or had a better choice availabe to them. A strong vote without simply voting 3rd 4th 5th party protest .