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'How Their Rotten System Works': Global Billionaire Wealth Surged to Record $10.2 Trillion Amid Covid-19 Catastrophe

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/07/how-their-rotten-system-works-global-billionaire-wealth-surged-record-102-trillion


Riders of the Storm…by the Doors.

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Here’s one good one:


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If one didn’t know better…one might think they had a hand in the creation of this virus. We need some serious anti-trust enforcement.

Stock reply; “Oh, you’re just jealous of the rich.”

If the “working class” did not hate itself so much, maybe some equitable solution could be worked out, but since there is no “working class,” (just a bunch of free and independent individuals) the proles will eat each other first.

A capitalism spinning out of control. Bringing with it increasing levels of suffering among the general population. End stage capitalism.

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It’s not going to end well .


Their “rotten system” is working perfectly, for them, exactly as planned.