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How This Became the Era of the Gunman


How This Became the Era of the Gunman

John Feffer

Every era has its representative figure. The Neolithic era had the Farmer. The avatar of the Middle Ages was the Monk, bent over an illuminated manuscript. For the period before and after 1492, the Explorer captured the global imagination. During the Industrial Revolution, the Worker embodied the age of manufacturing.

And now we have the Gunman.


Two articles that reinforce my assertion that Mars Rules in the same day... hmm... how interesting, and vindicating!

Mr. Feffer gets it right about the ARMED MALE figure, the ultimate symbol for Mars Rules on the mundane plane.

And this is right-on (as is much of the article):

"The convergence of the war abroad and the war at home is not simply one of overlapping personnel. Police departments increasingly resemble the U.S. military. SWAT teams look like invading forces. Surplus military equipment, like grenade launchers and armored personnel carriers, has transformed police officers into battlefield warriors. Even robot-controlled bombs, like the one that killed Micah Johnson, threaten to turn the terrain of American cities into something more closely resembling Baghdad."

Strange, then, that Mr. Feffer attributes the phenomenon to FEAR rather than a long-term pretext for building, selling, and profiting from arms: the lifeblood of that same MIC that has metastasized into this M.A.D.ness!

"But the real reason for this arms race is fear."


Fear is the driver not the destination. The destination (or goals) is Profits, Power, and Control of the citizenry--on a global scale.

Morons like Grossman intent upon selling Apocalyptic visions need not believe in them: His job is to drum up enough fear to amp up Arms Sales.

Perhaps the antidote to the "Era of the Gunman" is the wisdom of Gandhi:

That the "get back at" code of Vengeance, a/k/a "an eye for an eye" leaves the whole world blind.

While so many of us are not gun owners or under thrall to the war god Mars, he does manage to hold the rest of us hostage. And therein lies the long HIS-tory of war, bloodshed, and related redundant inanities.

Humanity is held hostage by the last of its Neanderthal Apes... those who prop up guns to use to control the rest of us and silence the voices of reason, wisdom, genuine inclusiveness, and a path forward out of the abyss... out of the redundant feedback loops that are the seemingly inescapable fruit of Mars Rules.


Do you sleep with your semi-automatic? You seem to have such an intimate love of firearms.

How do right wingers like you FIND this site?


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Pretty typical meaningless push-back blather from someone who is bound and determined to hold on to his little gun (s) and can't come up with a rational justification, so resorts to insults. Trite, cliche, bo-ring. Heard it all before.


Gun rich countries with economic equality have few shootings.


Remember that for very household with 1 gun , in order to average 8 per some household has 16.

Like as not those with 16 still do not feel safe.


Didn't insult YOU, my dear. Just your comment. Thus I differed from your approach .


Count me in a group that thinks that Gun Culture is just chock full of macho idiots who are too damn afraid to walk out of the house without packing a hot lead ejaculating phallus that can kill at a long distance.

I mean, they can't even handle taking a hike in a National Park without packing.

Don't worry. No one is coming to get your clucking guns.

And if by some miracle, lawmakers actually start passing some laws with some teeth, you will have plenty of time to just drive a few extra miles to a gun show, and stock up for that glorious day, when all gun nuts will unite to do some good old fashioned killin' while flying those God damn stars and stripes, don't you know.

I clucking hate gun culture.


By the way, just in case you haven't noticed. You live in a country that isn't even close to endangering your right to engage in your passion for guns. Not even close.

What the hell are you all complaining about?


Hi S.R.
Penty of insight from you lately. I dont like your posts that attack someone’s spelling or grammar, but I love reading your insight and opinions. It is thought provoking whether or not I agree.


I once had to defend my life with a gun against a man who was threatening to kill me. I guess that you don't consider my murder to be a problem.


Sometimes, just waving a weapon in the face of an aggressor will avoid a confrontation. I sleep better in a house where I know where the guns are.
It takes ~20 minutes for the Sheriff to get here; a lot can happen in 20 minutes.
In an urban setting, police officers are much closer and having a weapon there would probably be dangerous IMO.
However, there are toxic neighborhoods is cities where everybody is afraid and I really don't know what the solution would be. Perhaps as a post in this thread suggested, a more equal division of wealth and education would help,,,Piketty (CAPITAL in The 21st Century) would agree.


The Neanderthals were not apes and it is time they stopped being abused as a racist jibe to describe the incredible stupidity and violence of Homo sapiens.

The "Neanderthal ape" is actually a propagandistic construct of the late-Victorian to Edwardian European male Homo sapiens, otherwise known as utter warmongering idiot.



I know, dude! I mean, look how they are using that damned automobile registration to track us and take away our CARS!


A few miles north of you is one.


Thank you.

I find it impossible that people who relentlessly cast blame on all the wrong targets and lately slime Sanders CANNOT spell. Since they feel free to attack those who are not present to defend themselves, the least I can do is call them to the mat for their lack of writing skills. It takes discipline and thought to construct solid sentences. The scatterbrained stuff that passes for opinion too often is meant to denigrate the reputations of others. If those same persons so given to attack can't handle being reprimanded (and hopefully, taught to improve their writing skills) for spelling errors, what does that say about the shape of their egos and self-esteem?

In any case, thank you for the back-handed compliment.


How did it happen? Root causes, anyone?
One big reason is that on 9/11/01, the vast majority of the citizens of the U.S. went into a state of fear, and that fear has been been a very effective means of causing the population to stand aside or look the other way when the U.S. government commits civil rights abuses at home and crimes against humanity abroad.
This would be more understandable if the 9/11 fairy tale was true, but it is not, and the people, by and large, seem to like living within the fraud of it. Fear has worked very well to keep the people submissive at home and aggressive abroad. Fear has enabled vast shifts of wealth.


"Sometimes, just waving a weapon in the face of an aggressor" will cause the aggressor to come back later with HIS gun.
I don't think guns deescalate situations nearly as often as they escalate them.