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How This Earth Activist Risked All and Won Everything


How This Earth Activist Risked All and Won Everything

Nick Meynen

Two men coming all the way from the Indian jungle admired the most sacred site of London: St. Paul's Cathedral. They checked the rock quality, deemed it perfect and asked for the London mining authorities. That day, an newspaper-ad showed a demolition crane smashing the St Paul's Cathedral.


Nice article showing that the company is a culprit.

I used to work in this company. And as per Management communication, Vedanta would not have Mined Niyamgiri Area. It was Odisha government's Mining agency who assured that they will provide the Bauxite of specified quality in specified amount. Industry was welcomed to be built at Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh as well other disctrict of Odisha, which could have made communication easier for the company, but they still decided to built there in spite of the fact that there was no proper road, no proper railway or air air transport. This place was totally isolated from the world and people were dying of even common fever like malaria. If the activists wants every area to be isolated and live in Stone age then stop the science also and get back to Medieval age.


Ah the old 'any development is good because people have malaria' argument. This project was likely located in Odisha because the government officials there were willing to accept the lowest bribes. No one expected local tribes to organize and defeat a project they didn't want.

The world is full of examples of extractive industries 'developing' a rural region only to leave it in environmental catastrophe. Shell in the Niger delta is probably the starkest example. If there is an illustration of environmental hell on Earth, that is it. But this is the rule from mountain top coal extraction in Appalachia to forest clearing in southeast Asia and Africa for oil palm plantations and the Amazon for soybeans. The Earth is not a source of corporate income, with 'local development' a line item in their budgets.

Prafulla Samantara is fighting not only for indigenous rights but in the big picture for survival of life on Earth, ours included.