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How This Year's Struggles Set Us Up for a Bold, Hopeful 2019


How This Year's Struggles Set Us Up for a Bold, Hopeful 2019

Chris Winters

Those of us constantly assessing the national political scene could be forgiven for looking at the coming year with more than a bit of trepidation. True, new Democratic control of the House of Representatives means we might get the investigations of President Trump that Republicans have refused to do.


Winters sez:
“(Y)ou might see—if you squint—that the proverbial glass is half-full of hope.”

I’ve sworn off that beverage, thanks. Last time I drank from that glass it resulted in an eight-year hangover.


… while our democracy is a fragile thing that needs the force of law and the will of the people to protect it, Americans have been rising to and meeting that challenge.

Yeah, go team!

Not quite. Unfortunately, this isn’t a made-for-TV movie with gallant “Americans” rising to the challenge of saving their “democracy”. It’s a down and dirty fight to determine which factions of the American people prevail in their attempt to shape a corrupt political system to reflect their values and ambitions. In fact, there is a sizable percentage of those Americans who are fighting equally hard to establish an authoritarian, racist government that is anything but democratic. For these people, “democracy” is all well and good as long as they and their kind get to set the rules. The ending of this movie has yet to be written.


We are going to see a Bold, Hopeful 2019 with Schumer and Pelosi in charge of the " Opposition " ?


Rose is such a lovely color; I’m so enjoying these new glasses!


“Hopeful” That is a joke.


Feel-good pablum and diversionary Soma. Lauding the somewhat resurgent “blues” as a savior over the depraved malignant R’Cons, as the DP is currently dominated is BS Chris! Even tho there is much more independent citizen action/activism. the DINO leadership is AWOL, and remains complicit, craven, and infuriating in their timidity - continuing the astonishing failure over the last several decades 9at least) to seize the initiative…or reform!

They - the DINO wing of Pelosi and Schumer, the Clinton’s and Obama, et al, never seize the narrative or energize the base, far from it, they have betrayed and sabotaged progressives and progressive issues, as they continue to do unto this moment!.

The trumpenfuhrer demands $5 Billions (to start) for his narrow-minded scam racist wall and Dems argue that point, and may “negotiate” that point, rather than changing the dynamic and narrative by, for instance, demanding a restoration of some of the tax give-away’s to the wealthiest individuals and corporations passed by the regime. Maybe demanding a vast National Park preserve along the border or some other departure from the usual trap they predictably fall-into of allowing the trump regime/R’Con dialogue/narrative of what is being “negotiated” - Schumer and Pelosi are not “negotiating” they are complying…so complicit and weak, they collapse and fold as their usual MO, rather than actually fight for something…something other than what the trump/R’con regime wants/demands. Never fail to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory…unless that is their intent, and given the record over the last 20 or so years and who they have served and who betrayed, that is not far-fetched. What would FDR do? What LBJ, JFK, Martin, Malcolm, or Gene Debs?

“Hope”? Yeah, when the current DINO MO is radically altered - smashed - and the complicit weak thrown out onto the dung-heap, and a new reclaimed dynamic forged…


Hopeful that Mueller finishes his investigation before supper gets cold. Hard to move on, hopeful or not, until we know who and what our leadership is. If both Trump and Pence are impeached Pelosi will become president. We need to know these things before any more traumatic decisions are floated by the POTUS.


Pretty weak sauce. The opposition almost always scores wins in the mid-terms–sometimes in both Houses, which didn’t happen here. True, the Senate is much harder ground, but that also means Rs control the next census, get to do more gerrymandering. And counting on Ds to do anything for the people, the environment, or justice requires a strong cup of amnesia. Given the environmental crises bearing down on us, with climate change only the most urgent component, and the rapid construction of a police state both in legal and technical terms, we don’t have time to wait on the Democrats–even if they held the Oval Office and both Houses–hey, they DID, from 2008 to 2010 and what did they do with it? Pushed through a health care plan designed to keep insurance and drug companies happy while letting off a little of the pressure our horribly dysfunctional system has created; on climate, nothing; on wars, some new little wars and the establishment of a regular illegal assassination campaign; on prisons, nothing; on the economic crisis, hand a trillion dollars of taxpayer money to Wall Street and the banks that caused the crisis with reckless gambling. And they increased the trend toward reduced transparency and accountability in government, while government is entitled to spy on literally every virtually all the time. I don’t think we can get justice, or solutions to our increasingly huge problems from our systemically, designedly corrupt government, ever. We must stand up for ourselves. Hard to say what will work but we need to be talking about it, not throwing yet more time, energy and money down the rathole of electoral politics.