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How to Arm Nature Against Corporate Profiteers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/05/how-arm-nature-against-corporate-profiteers


Nature will win. In the end the question becomes will humans have a place in the victory celebration. My morality is based largely in trying to achieve just that (which implicitly includes a healthy ecosystem), however, lacking confidence in my ability to meaningfully fight the powers of avarice, I chose not to procreate. Does that exempt me from my morality? No, but it does allow me to ferret out what of nature best remains and enjoy it in the here and now unapologetically. Guided largely by a undergirding force allied with Emerson’s Transcendentalism, I forge on. While I am a technical person by training, I know that only philosophically driven actions can do the heavy lifting of ameliorating human-caused planetary woes. Given the current nature of our public discourse, my intrinsic idealism shall surely be left solely to the worms.


The Corporation refers to Nature and our life giving eco-systems as “Overburden” . As far as they are concerned Nature is merely something that gets in the way of profits and must be removed.

Those on the side of Nature should treat the Corporation the same way. It not enough to regulate and sue because ultimately the Corporation does as it was designed to do, and that is shield the Investor class from repercussions for the wrong they commit. The Coporation must be legislated out of existence before there is no existence and those that profit of this widespread destruction should see their weath seized and used to compensate nature.


“Supercilious corporate elites, however, refuse to let such a trifling matter as the will of the people interfere with their sense of entitlement to poison for profit. So they’ve now gotten top Ohio officials to shill for them in a court filing asserting that the state is the “proprietor in trust” of Lake Erie. Thus, they claim that local voters (i.e., Toledo’s people) have no power to deny so-called corporate “persons” permission to pollute real, live, breathing people’s water”.--------Jim Hightower

Still think we live in a democracy? Well, we don’t!


Corporations are required by law to make as much corporate profit as possible. They were designed to have no conscience.

If corporations were democratized so that each shareholder had an equal vote regardless of their number of shares, corporate depredations might stop. The number of small shareholders, each with an equal vote, would increase and profiteering at nature’s and social expense would end.

Jim Hightower speaks wisdom and truth; I wish politicians would listen.

It is the depraved indifference by the corporate world of greed and profits above all else, that must be destroyed - laws to protect the Natural World and its worth beyond any measure must finally be empowered and take precedence over worship of Mammon!

The corporate “personhood” world is a lie and pre-meditated crime to shield the actual people that make the decisions that despoil the natural world. They hide behind and direct it, and must themselves, as actual people, be held fully accountable for their corporate actions - people in the guise of a “corporate person” with no accountability, that never pay for their crimes, only slap-on-the-wrist fines paid by the corporate “criminal” that are ultimately paid by citizens - that lie and crime has been perpetrated by the profiteers, enabled by corrupt and complicit politicians masquerading as public servants, while really serving the corporate “person”; exploitation and the theft of natural resources really belonging to every citizen,. the pollution they produce, never intending to pay for it, or clean it up (if it ever can be!) and pocketing the stolen profits for themselves and the vulture capitalist fraud. is a crime of vast proportions.

Time to smash that fraud and empower Gaia - Mother Earth and all Her creatures!


If corporations really were persons, they’d be called traitors by any rational being.

They HANG Traitors, Don’t They??

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Jimmy Carter nailed it.

We use to have a Corprate Death Penalty. And we used it.

But the Duopoly is completely under their thumb now, so…

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