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How to Avoid Banana Republic Elections

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/04/how-avoid-banana-republic-elections


There’s that “should” word again. As if the only problem is that no one knows what we need to fix the problem.

We all know what “should” be done. The problem is getting that done despite the two corporate party’s objection. Both the Republicans and the Democrats think that our elections are working just fine.


Step 1: Outlaw the GOP and Democratic Parties. Certainly, remove them from any role or influence in the election process, including nominating candidates.

Step 2: Bring back the League of Women Voters into the structural organization of the voting process. They can be the national, state, and local election commission.


Perhaps we SHOULD get Jimmy Carter’s blueprint for monitoring “Banana Republic Elections” seeing how he lead that effort for many years ?


And we are beacon on the hill for democracy around the world, OMG!! How do you find a non partisan since the 90’s when Newt and Delay and then Tea Party in 2000’s came about and since we have more division that ever and no working across the party lines. Sorry but mostly by republicons but Clinton deregulated FCC, Glass Seagal, Commodity futures creating conglomerates under FCC, more mafia banksters and casino gambling. GREED AND POWER TOOK OVER AND WE THE PEOPLE BECAME INSIGNIFICANT.

We need national standards and yes non partisans to run our elections where will be find the will for national standards and find non partisans. I was non partisan and voted for whoever in my opinion was the better candidate. The 90’s did that in as I would never look at a republican and trust them.


The fact that other Countries have long done many of the things this author suggests so as to ensure elections are fair even as the USA has done nothing to address these concerns SHOULD be all the reader needs to know .

There is no interest in having fair elections from either Political party in the USA. Voting for those parties means there will never be reform. What people SHOULD do is stop voting for those parties. The voter can not expect the Democrats or the Republicans to act on this.


It is getting harder to just move out of the republic, isn’t it? .

Should is always such an interesting operator. It’s not that it isn’t useful; it’s just that it always involves a hypothetical action, and the author almost never specifies what aspects of the situation that actually exists are to be ignored.

Steven Hill seems to imagine there that “we,” the population in question, has a lot more of its druthers than we do. He is right to write us of banana republic elections, but precisely because we have them: no nationally viable party represents us, and no viable party prefers or tolerates a free and open election.

Hill correctly mentions the 2000 election, but should include some others:

  • The similarly rigged 2004 election (see Greg Palast for this)
  • The rigged 2016 Democratic nomination process
  • The misapplied 3rd party votes in the 2016 general election (over 50% of votes for Libertarian and Green Parties were misappropriated in some places, by comparison with exit polls)
  • The general practice of names slipping off of voter rolls
  • The electoral college
  • The superdelegates
  • The MSM collusion to exclude candidates and to cant the playing field in debate; a recent flagrant example is Bloomberg’s buying himself a spot and Gabbard’s being excluded, both by last-second and informal changes of rules.

Since we have banana republic candidates and nonrepresentative “representatives,” very nearly no one in office favors democratic elections. So until some other action is taken, we will see no meaningful reforms towards democratic elections. Hill’s question still stands: how are we to avoid this?

First, acquiescence fails to change it. Voting for Bogus A or B does not help. Voting for a third party may force the vote to be stolen, but that is likely not adequate. There’s going to have to be some sand in he gears somewhere.


We Sure DO!   Nuke The Cesspool and ALL of the Turds Therein!!

We need to ban the word “bipartisan” from political commentary. Bipartisan is limiting and delusional. We have can and should be able to count beyond 2 where the existence of political parties in our country is concerned. It flies in the face of reality and insults the intelligence of readers to pretend that the GOP will cooperate in anything, especially when they know it is against their interests. Republicans support and implement voter disenfranchisement as a matter of policy knowing their survival depends on it. As for the Dims, what does cooperation with a fascist party entail and why should they do so?