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How to Confront ISIS


How to Confront ISIS

Adil E. Shamoo

The atrocities of ISIS become more shocking every day. In June, the Iraqis exhumed nearly 600 bodies of Shia recruits in Tikrit, an important Sunni Triangle city north of Baghdad. ISIS appears to have executed as many as 1,700 Iraqis and buried them in mass graves.


Or we could move swiftly into renewables and leave the region alone, its resources no longer to be defined as “national interests”.


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I think we should bomb them - with neocons and cash.

And apologize for the evil done in our name.


War is insanity and all sides are responsible, start by closing the weapons retail and wholesale stores across the region.


While the author seems to have a good idea of how ISIS operates, he simultaneously displays a level of naivete about the United States.
“In the long term, a policy that emphasizes partnerships with the people and organizations on the ground to promote a system of government built on freedom and democracy is truly the only way peace will be brought to the region. Those efforts can begin immediately.”
Not in the U.S. Instead the U.S. has proven time after time that democracy is the ONLY option not on the table. Suggesting that the U.S. can help struggling nations in establishing democracy such as sending medical supplies to Tunisia misses the point that Americans don’t send needed medical supplies to Americans at home! Instead the U.S. government only rains down destruction in our name. To actually think that corporate America would allow its puppets in government to use diplomacy in the Middle East, is proof positive that the author is living in a fantasyland.


How to confront ISIS: Go to Langley.


Any article on ISIS that does not deal with the reality that ISIS was created by the USA, Britain and their Middle East allies including Israel , Turkey and Saudi Arabia and were trained by the same and supplied by the same is rather pointless when it comes to what should be done about ISIS.

An Egyptian paper reported 5 members of Turkish Intelligence arrested alongside ISIS members several weeks ago in the Sinai.

The Iraqis have consistently claimed that western air drops into that country are of supplies to ISIS fighters.

A British newspaper recently reported that over 100 SAS members fight alongside ISIS in Syria against teh Syrian Government.

The USA is pushing a no fly zone in Syria. ISIS does not use aircraft. The only country this no fly zone would affect that uses aircraft in Syria is the syrian Government and they target ISIS. To date ISIS has attacked Hamas, Hizbollah, the Syrian Governmnet, the Iraqi Govenment and have been active in Egypt. None of these countries are seen as firendly to US or Israeli interests in the region.

To date the biggest reverses to ISIS in Syria itself have been at the hands of the Syrian Government with Hizbollah and Iran helping with supplies and manpower yet it these groups the USA claims support terrorism.


but re
ally it is not anymore just about oil and never was. It is about the war machine and profits to be made from war. Contractors profits who cook and scrub the toilets for obscene amounts and then the double obscene amounts for soldiers? Bombs, continually have to be built, trucks and Humvees that continually get blown up have to be replaced. Aircraft! the list goes on and who makes the money?
This is big business and huge profits just like fossil fuel and banksters.


I think every post so far on this story shows more common sense and insight than the story’s text. Anyone noticed how having a title and position seems to immediately make people somewhat conservative and scared to simply tell it like it is?


The core leaders and think tankers in the USA are committed, vicious, and sadistic…


All sides are responsible? No cause and effect, no invader and defensive response need fit into the calculus? War is insanity, but so is your “both teams are equal” frame.


Why set up an either-or, this OR that frame when BOTH (or perhaps I should say ALL) oil interests, and banking interests, and weapons contractors, and the rest of the MIC… profit from these vast, diabolical travesties… naked, brutal foreign invasions devised on the basis of fabricated narratives and fake “evidence” to support the agreed-upon storylines.


do tell which side is more insane than the other?


Saudi Arabia helps to finance ISIS because it hopes to keep them at bay, to temporarily co-opt them. But it’s a matter of time before ISIS ramps up its attacks within the kingdom. ISIS views the Wahhabists as vile, corrupt heretics.


The U.S., from the very beginning of how we rule:
genocide for First-Americans, slavery for African-Americans,
free reign of the KKK et.al., up through and including the
current regime changes, shows we do not deserve to be the sole
ruling empire in the world.

Fortunately, the form of capitalism we impose/enforce on the
world will collapse, – and what follows no one knows for sure.

But for now, I wouldn’t depend on the U.S. empire to do anything constructive.


While I agree with you about Western countries and their foreign policy failures, at the same time I think it’s ignorant of you to ignore atrocities committed by ISIS and other Middle Eastern governments and organizations.

None of the parties involved are innocent. To say otherwise is naive.


I approached this article with hope that there really is a solution. What a disappointment! What gives this author the right to talk about “the corrupt and brutal regimes in Iraq and Syria”? In case you haven’t noticed, Assad enjoys a high approval rate amongst the people and government forces are prevailing despite the US, Canada and the UK.

“Should the world have waited for the nazis to become civilized?” Whoa! And this statement came after referring to the states that came into being through “brutal and coercive means”, citing among others Israel. So, should the world wait for Israel to become civilized?"

Finally, the conclusion is that “In the long term, a policy that emphasizes partnerships with the people and organizations on the ground to promote a system of government built on freedom and democracy is truly the only way peace”. And just where in the world is there the model of freedom and democracy? I think America should stop giving the world the gift of freedom and democracy. We are controlled by bankers and corporations who love war$. If the above is our only hope, we are hooped. Jail the bankers and the financiers and the corporate boards and the political action groups. Anyone I missed?


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.