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How to Contact the 17 Banks Funding All Tar Sands Pipeline Expansion (Including Keystone XL)


How to Contact the 17 Banks Funding All Tar Sands Pipeline Expansion (Including Keystone XL)

James Trimarco

Of the more than 60 banks helping to finance the expansion of tar sands infrastructure, the indigenous-led environmental campaign Mazaska Talks has identified 17 as worst offenders. These banks have either financed all four currently proposed tar sands pipelines or they’ve headed up major multi-bank loans to the companies building them.

The proposed pipelines are the Keystone XL, Energy East, Trans Mountain, and Enbridge’s Line 3. All four begin in the tar sands of Alberta, Canada.


James, thank you for this information! I have copied all the Canadian Banks’ information and will be sending emails to all available persons connected to these banks. Divest!


Its disgusting how many of our local liberals keep their money in Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo, allegedly because its so convenient when they travel.

Those three banks are among the five too-big-to-fail banks (TBTF) that controlled 25% of US bank assets when they crashed the economy in 2008 leading Congress to put US taxpayers on the hook for $20 trillion plus to fund bailout schemes for them.

Thanks to the bail outs and Dodd/Frank legislation the TBTF banks now control 50% of US bank assets, at the expense of community banks, with no end in sight of their march to monopoly and ever increasing risk that they will crash the economy again and get far bigger taxpayer funded bailouts and confiscate depositors money now that the gubmit decriminalized that practice…

Note to trolls who serially insist the banks paid back the bail outs with interest: They paid back part of the TARP money that was a small part of the overall package of schemes in a shell game that includes way more than three shells.