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How to Counter Trump's Disastrous Attack on Our Public Lands

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/17/how-counter-trumps-disastrous-attack-our-public-lands

Trump will perform fellatio magnifico on the polluters to garner their support for 2020. He has shown that time and time again. He probably cares about the issues little one way or another. Hell, he probably uses bibles as kneepads. It is all about Trump.


“But here’s the good news: We can start addressing climate change right here and now, by ending new oil and gas leasing on our public lands.” (Randi Spivak - public lands director at the Center for Biological Diversity)

I fail to see the good news Randi ? Perhaps I missed something in the article ?

Nothing will change until a sea change in the American Electorate takes place - and that’s a long shot as far as I can see ?? In fact, Trump mat win a second term.

From where do you get your optimism ?

But Rights for the Environment might be a way forward, as this can be done on a smaller scale.


"…fellatio magnifico…?"

Sounds to me like what he now has in common with Bill Barr. His Roy Cohn.


Some courageous, invisible people would say this is how to counter the destroyers of our public lands…

After the Talibundies’ victories its not surprising that Pendley was appointed to run BLM.


How many more times will these assaults on the public lands, owned by all Americans, be allowed to continue? How can we fight back? It’s not like we can go buy C4 at the local Walmart. But that’s what’s needed to fight these motherf***ers. Blow up the heavy machinery if necessary. When I was young a bunch of friends and I took shovels to dig trenches to keep bulldozers from destroying a local mountain. We quickly realized we were no match for a big bulldozer. We did get the road’s construction stopped when the local govt put a stop to all future development on our local mountain. I fear the economy of today won’t allow local govts to take action any more. Sad really. Peace


Hayduke Lives.


Execute tRump for treason, you stop tRump…

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How Many More Times, indeed.

If we weren’t so exceptional, we could learn a lot from Bhutan.

America you better enjoy our beautiful National Parks while you can.

Before long there will be a sign at the Entrance to every Park saying:


Corporations will be invited to Exploit and Commercialize Our Parks in any way they please.

Thank goodness I got to see most of our Phenomenally Beautiful National Parks before the Trump Family ruined them.

It is sickening that we are allowing this Charlatan to unravel and Destroy all the Beauty we have worked so hard to protect.

Trump has definitely stepped up destruction of public lands, but government policies had long been problematic, tilted toward development and against nature, for a long time.

The idea of “mixed use” is a joke. Once a mine is excavated, gas and oil wells drilled, forests cut, lands are overgrazed, the lands are practically useless for anything else.

Check out “This Land: How Cowboys, Capitalism, and Corruption are Ruining the American West” by Chris Ketcham.