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How to Cut Drug Prices? California Can Set a Model With Prop. 61


How to Cut Drug Prices? California Can Set a Model With Prop. 61

Deborah Burger

Despite all the disgust with pharmaceutical price gouging and the public shaming of CEOs like Heather Bresch of EpiPen infamy and “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli, we’ve yet to see any concrete steps to actually cut drug prices.

Now California voters can take matters, and their health, into their own hands – and set a national model by passing Proposition 61 in November.

"Since 2008, the price of brand name drugs has risen by 164 percent."


You can bet your last nickle that Senators Boxer and Feinstein and many of California's House Representatives will rubber stamp Obama's lame duck back door signing of TPP . Corporate tribunals enabled by TPP will then deep six Proposition 61 post haste as they expand price gouging to all the nations signatory to TPP.


Why is everything filtered through Veteran's concerns ? Aren't they the same ones illegally invading foreign countries for oil ? Cut the military budget by 90% and then there is plenty of money for health,education,infrastructure etc .


I think we should go back to the days when drug companies couldn't advertise. Half the commercials on TV today are to persuade you you need some sort of medicine. Half the inserts in magazines are the same. I'm sick of them! Although the drug companies would probably take the money saved and just buy back stock.


I wonder how many stupids will vote against it?