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How to Deal With the Iranian Genii?


How to Deal With the Iranian Genii?

Eric Margolis

The deal reached in Lausanne, Switzerland by Iran and five powers, led by the US, appears to be about nuclear capability.

In fact, the real issue was not nuclear weapons, which Iran does not now possess, but Iran’s potential geopolitical power.

Iran, a nation of 80.8 million, has been bottled up like the proverbial genii by US-led sanctions ever since the 1979 Islamic Revolution deposed Shah Pahlavi’s corrupt royalist regime. The Shah had been groomed to be the chief US enforcer in the Gulf.


One of the reasons Cuba and then Iran were able to ward off a US backed revolution for so long is that while the US could gain limited access with their agents to those countries , the sanctions and isolation of those two nation states ensured that access limited.

As Cuba and Iran “open up” more of those agencies that help support such coups in other Countries will pour in. This will be the NGO’s at first and then followed by the Corporations who will sponsor and hire their own cadre of thugs.

The USA has found that just as with Cuba , the support for the Government in Iran in fact increased over the years as the peoples recognized that their economic situation the result of foreign powers.

The USA has no good will. It never has. They will work over the years with things like the NED to strengthen domestic opposition to the regime in Iran and then will sponsor a “colored revolution”.


The negotiations are not going to conclude with an agreement. It is now apparent, most especially to Iran, that the US would get what it wants, but Iran gets nothing except a “promise” that sanctions might be lifted “sometime” in the future. Perhaps 15yrs from now.

Why the fuck would Iran or anybody of sound mind agree to that?

To the Iranians it must now seem certain that the US is absolutely and completely duplicitous, and they are not to be trusted or believed on any account.

So now the question is, was this US strategy all along? Orchestrate a negotiation the true result would only become apparent to the Iranians at the last moment, and once they reject it as a farce, then point to the Iranians as unrealistic, uncooperative, and of course - by rote - “extremist radicals?” And in the next breath then say “Guess we’ll hafta’ bomb 'em” ?

I presume that I understand the Iranians. Let ME just say that I AM certain that the US is completely duplicitous and is not to be trusted or believed on any account.


Thank you, Mr. Margolis, for an accurate, incisive, easy to follow analysis of the players and their various motives (and necessities).


Quite agree.


I appreciate that the author presented a balanced view of Iran, which committed considerable energy to restoring a system that reduced or eliminated poverty, gave women more equality (although this in part due to necessity, to enlist their considerable power in making necessary social changes), and broadened educational opportunities. I am pretty tired of seeing them demonized in the press, just as are the Venezuelans who persist in resisting American attempts to control them and force them back into subservience to US interests.