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How To Do Better Than the 'Better Deal'


How To Do Better Than the 'Better Deal'

Charles Derber

As Congress reconvenes for crucial new legislation, the Democratic Party must reconnect with its fired-up base and the fed-up American majority.


How To Do Better Than the ‘Better Deal’

Wake up in the morning and be a sentient being.


A “Better Deal” for America would be if “all” Establishment Democrats like, Pelosi, Schumer, Perez, Booker, and anyone with the name Clinton, resigned forever from politics.

If we can’t get money out of politics, we can at least get corporate money hogs out of politics.


You would have thought that the Dems would have learned the lesson from 2016. I guess not, and if they think they will win the House & Senate back in 2018 with their bullshit “better deal”, they are dumber than Trump voters.


You forgot Feinstein, Kaine, McCaskill, Manchin and probably 10 more or less.


Ending militarism is a little ambiguous. That could just mean don’t talk like Trump but keep our hundreds of bases around the world, hundreds of billions on military spending, illegal drone warfare, etc. Progressives need to push for cutting the military budget substantially (like at least in half), consolidating and cutting intelligence agencies, stop covert interventions, etc.


Excellent article.

Trump seems to have a catchy point; lower taxes on corporations to get them back home. Isn’t taxing corporations giving them a legitimacy when they say “corporations are people”? Why not simply tax their majority shareholders at higher progressive rates? The corporations would remain profitable with no incentive to leave the country but their wealth would be spread much more equitably. Just an idea.

Also, what if instead of politicians making and changing the laws, all the people could by referendum? That would seem to be a universally attractive proposition. One that few politicians on the take would endorse for fear of losing their importance and bribes.


Yeah, a national referendum on some things would be great. Despite it’s faults, direct democracy in the states is a great thing to have and is the most democratic means we have to participate.


The establishment politicians on both sides have been giving lip service to public goals for decades yet achieve none of them even when in power. The lip service may be a bit louder now but their intentions have not changed. Their intention is to placate the constituents as little as possible to maintain oligarchic power. They are not to be trusted. Luckily people are waking up.