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How to End Crony Capitalism


How to End Crony Capitalism

Robert Reich

When it comes to getting big money out of politics and ending crony capitalism, there’s no right or left, and certainly no middle. There’s just democracy or oligarchy.


Wrong on so many levels: we end crony capitalism by ending capitalism. Its political AND economic democracy or barbarism.


I’d love to see the anti-establishment wings of both political parties to come together and create a new party.


All capitalism is crony capitalism – though there are degrees. Our country has run on cronyism forever. We can and must move beyond the crooked, filthy scam system before it kills us.


Every political system runs on cronyism. Look at the nomenkultura in the old Soviet Union, the rich Chinese who just happen to have Central Committee ties, etc.

The problem isn’t capitalism, the problem is a government with enough power to allow politicians to hand out goodies to their “friends”. Any time you let government get powerful, you encourage corruption. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Congress giving goodies to the Kochs or Solyndra, or the Russians selling Gazprom to favored oligarchs, or the local selectman giving the snowplowing contract to his brother-in-law.

The problem is government.



Thanks for finally confirming that both parties of the Duopoly are corrupted by their addiction to Money, the root of all Evil.

Wake The F Up America.


Whoever wrote the headline didn’t read the article. I’ll fix it for you:

“Washington Insider Tries to Show He Has A Clue”

(…and fills his weekly column inches.)


The best way to end (crony) capitalism is to continue enabling it. Capitalism is a suicidal death cult and will kill all its participants off in the end. Problem solved.


The people who help edit these meanderings are CIA slaves, not volunteers, not being paid…definitely not crony capitalists or having any microphone except for their personal in key mutterings.


So true, dems are part of problem. Obama campaigned on reversing the revolving door but did not produce. Obama campaigned on many things that did not come to fruition and is why dems lost the house and senate in 2010 and again in 2014. He filled the swamp with wall street and industries.


Agree. Obama took a huge dip in my opinion of him when he appointed Larry Summers. I had to let out a WTF? It didn’t get better. But he wasn’t a crude oaf with a big mouth like Trump–he was better than that and he faced despicable opposition from what has become the biggest threat to decency since the German fascists–republicans.


“The biggest threat to decency …republicans” had no power during Obama’s first two years as POTUS.

By enacting the ACA, a corporate welfare program disguised as health care reform previously introduced in the 1990s by the GOP, without needing or getting even one GOP Congresscritter to vote for it, Obama and the Democrats handed control of Congress to the GOP.

Obama wouldn’t be getting $400k per speech if he was just an innocent bystander.


Don’t be taken in by this con man.

This is more of his con to get progressives to think he is a voice to listen to, one who agrees with us and articulates our thinking, one on our side, one of our leaders.

It’s all a set up so we’ll do what he says when he tells us after the Democrats nominate another war mongering, Wall Street shill who is the epitome of crony capitalism that we MUST vote for him or her.

I said this four years ago when he started his last con and I was proved exactly right.

This tool is an old friend of the Clintons and apparatchik of the Democratic Party working to sheepdog progressives into the party. Don’t believe him when he seems critical of the party he intends to recruit us to support when the rubber hits the road.

Oh, and yes, the problem isn’t ‘crony’ capitalism; it’s capitalism period.

I despise sheep dogs like Reich.


Yeah, that attempt of the despicable sheep dog apparatchik of the very people he seems to be critiquing to recruit progressives into the RussiaGate nonsense is probably the real reason he wrote this article.

Don’t miss it folks. The fellow is trying to get us to support a law that would amount to the government forcing self censorship of social media against any real criticism of the establishment (not his weak tea phony critiques, but stuff like you’d find at the World Socialist Web Site or from Chris Hedges or Robert Parry.)

This creep is despicable and shame on Common Dreams for publishing this garbage.


None of these arguments ends crony capitalism, it is the built in, unavoidable outcome of mixing govt control, planning, and direction of private markets.

You could have common dreams version of ‘democracy’ and you will still get crony capitalism. Govt control over markets and production other than enforcement of contracts and refereeing harm, theft, and fraud enforcement mean mixing govt power with production and capitalism by definition…and bingo, crony capitalism. Govt person’s will be directing, designing, or implementing plans for private buisness to engage in…and bingo, again, crony capitalism.

It doesn’t matter if you have ‘democracy’ because that is not the issue…is the govt involving itself in anything but the limited areas I already listed. Even in a ‘democracy’ those actions create the crony capitalism.

The sole, actual, sustainable non crony capitalism path is this…an outright ban on govt interfering in peaceful free trade no matter how good someone thinks their plan will be if forced onto bidness. No govt power over planning or direction means no cronies exist because govt is not making decisions for buisness.


That is absurd.

The powerful capitalists can and will (and have) commit cronyism with each other in creating trusts or mergers.

They can and will (and have) commit cronyism when they dominate a market by driving small competitors out of business by selling massively at a loss that they can afford but the small rival can’t.

Your libertarian dream is a formula for disaster.

The Capitalists get the government in their pocket so they won’t get regulated or controlled. In your vision they just wouldn’t have to worry about it from the get go.

In your vision enjoy a polluted earth, deadly chemicals in canned meat, all local businesses gone, high prices and low wages.


They can’t drive small competitors out of markets without govt power. Markets don’t’ work that way without govt power protecting the big players…the cronyism everyone here, including me, is complaining about.

Your argument again calls for govt to run buisness…and bingo, there’s the cronyism…again. In my argument I specifically limit buisness power and govt power…govt to regulating trade with respect to trade, and theft, etc…that IS regulation.

you just want to direct buisness, not referee it.


“The problem is government” is a phrase being used to keep democracy away from people by letting privateers rule. The problem is corrupt government … which happens while the people were sleeping.


People who voted for O for a second term are culpable for enabling the neolibs to continue along with their empty promises, and these are the voters who foisted candidate Hillary on us. :frowning:


The problem is that “corrupt government” is redundant. With rare examples (I’d say New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway and a couple other relatively homogeneous societies) no matter the form of government, the practice of government will be to trade power for favors. Whether it is the Congresscritter leaning on regulators for a “constituent”, or a member of the nomenkultura “looking the other way” in exchange for a dacha, corruption exists in most governments.

To minimize that corruption (I’m not a utopian who thinks it can be eliminated), we need to strictly limit the ability of politicians to benefit directly from their decisions - prohibit lobbying by ex-politicians, enforce insider trading rules on politicians, and give the government as little ability to channel money to favored recipients.